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Vanilla vs. tohKernel newbie question


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Hello everybody. I successfully installed Leopard (tried iatKos, Kalyway and Toh RC2 and they all work) on 3 systems (a Lenovo x61s, a Pavilion zd8000 and a Asus-P5LD2-based PC).


Thing is that only the x61s is able to use the Vanilla kernel. The other two crash at startup (tried to use several switches like: cpus=1, -s -v -x -legacy etc. Of course efi is installed). Using tohKernel they boot OK.


From what I understood, vanilla kernel is the best one that will allow painless OSX updates, right ? Also, I see that vanilla is almost double size than tohKernel, so I guess is more complete with drivers etc. ?


Enlighten me please ...

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