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  1. About the Mac Pro I don't understand why they have a single processore configuration at 2.66GHz and double processor configuration at 2.26GHz ... Boh !
  2. Wise to buy a Mac Pro now?

    Interesting post, so now I know I have to wait the new MacWorld as well for the new models. When will MacWorld take place ?
  3. IPhone doesn't support Flash player ?

    It's loaded in memory, but is not running. Infact, you can notice that CPU usage runs higher when you actually play some flash content, when you are just browsing simple html sites the player plugin is idle, therefore it doesn't imply battery consumption.
  4. IPhone doesn't support Flash player ?

    This is a statement from Adobe date 19 March (here is the source: http://www.macnn.com/articles/08/03/19/ado...ash.on.iphone/) "Despite Adobe's positive-sounding statement yesterday, CEO Shantanu Narayen clarified that he meant Flash on the iPhone would require more than just the iPhone SDK to pull off successfully. Since Flash requires a very close relationship with Safari – something Apple is normally very hesitant to allow – Narayen says it would need to work closely with Apple to develop a satisfactory implementation of Flash for the iPhone, according to CNET. Apple CEO Steve Jobs has panned both official releases of Flash: Flash Lite for mobile devices and its standard computer equivalent. According to Jobs, Flash Lite is too feature limited, while the standard Flash player is too robust for the multimedia device." So it does seem to be a political matter afterall. Naughty naughty ...
  5. IPhone doesn't support Flash player ?

    well yes, battery life I agree, but it is not that you are watching Flash sites ALL the time. I mean, I find it reasonable that if you surf on Youtube and watch movies then after 3 hours battery are dry. I assume the same happens if you watch a movie right ? So let's say that in "normal" use, or average use, battery life shouldn't be a concern, because not all the sites have flash content.
  6. Well I wanted to go out and buy one, than just for a coincidence I found out that Iphone doesn't support Flash content. I was astonished to discover that, I can't see a reason why is it so. I'm sure is not due to technical reason, perhaps political ones ?
  7. MacBook Air Beaten

    Nice notebook yes, but the big problem that remains is that is sold with Windows
  8. Well guys, I see everybody saying that P5K-E works well with Kalyway, iatKos etc., but is vanilla kernel working or you are on a hacked kernel ?
  9. Pure Vanilla Leopard install for ASUS P5K-E

    Bah, I don't get it: I tried Kalyway 10.5.1 and 10.5.2, iatKos.1.0, 1.0r2, 2.0. I also tried the procedure described here and the result is always the same: I can install and use Leopard but not with vanilla kernel. So what I don't understand why with you guys vanilla is working ? Afterall the hardware is almost the same: Asus P5K-E (tried with 1002 and 1003 bios releases) asus 8800GT 2 GB ram Corsair 1 WD 500GB 1 LG SATA DVD Well if you have any possible suggestion contact me, thanks !
  10. Pure Vanilla Leopard install for ASUS P5K-E

    hi macmaniac, are you sure you have a vanilla working installation ? I ask because I tried several times and I can boot only if I use a hacked kernel instead of vanilla. Also, regarding the last step about p5kekexts, it ask wether to remove or not AppleCPUIntel kext... what's the right answer ? thanks for any help
  11. 9800 GTX working in OSX86

    I have a 9800GTX working fine with GFX string in Leopard 10.5.2. However, even if Quartz is enabled, opengl performances are VERY poor. If you run some games, like GTA San Andreas for example, you see what I mean: 6 fps !!! I suppose we wil have to wait and see if Apple will introduce full support for 98xx card series ...
  12. .Net Development on Mac

    I have a MacBook Pro High-Res, I'm a web designer and a .net programmer. I installed VMWare+VS2008 and it works perfectly, using it in full screen mode I can do all my work without issues, while still being in Leopard ...
  13. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Thank you very much, Prawker !
  14. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Hi dude, can I have that wonderful wallpaper ?
  15. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Sabr, can I have this beautiful wallpaper of yours ? It looks so relaxing ...