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Has anyone but me had problems with their mighty mouse in xp?


My problem is that say im in internet explorer or explorer for that matter when I lift the mouse up the explorer goes to the previous page and it is really frustrating . It works fine in leopard but I even tryed my vista disk to see if it would work and it didnt

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I also have a su**ing mighty mouse behaviour. It works perfect on XP (Parallels), but it jumps weirdly on leopard. It wont react like I want to.


The funny thing is that if I rise it up and use it like 1mm above the surface, it works perfectly. I tried different surfaces but nothing.


About the speed:


open the Terminal and type:


open ~/Library/Preferences/.GlobalPreferences.plist


there you can edit the com.apple.mouse.scaling to any other higher number you wish. (9 is very fast).

To quit click on the red quit button of the window and accept saving the changes. Then restart your computer

and you will have a faster mighty mouse. Don't touch the mouse velocity on the normal system preferences after that because it will reset you your special number changed before.


I still need something to smooth the bloody mouse and make it react like I want. I've used the mouse on other macs and have not noticed the same behaviour. It must be some local problem on my mac.


Any Ideas??





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