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Help me chat the World!

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Hi all,

i am Mac user and i love Mac...i see all my freinds on Windows chatting -Audio and Video- using MS Messenger (MSN), and when i download it from MS site, i found that the MSN Mac version is too poor... :)

So, How to videoAudio Chat with all the world (and Also with windows users using Msn) using my iMac 20" containing iSight built in ? ?

Please help me and put me on the way!!



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Tried aMSN, seems very unstable. Adium is great for text, but like it is said above, no A/V.

You can talk to your friends on MSN through iChat just make sure they go to AOL.com and make their email work with AIM.

My Hotmail friends love my iChat effects.


Think Mark

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