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Kalyway 10.5.1 Installation fails on Dell 9300


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To all:


I've been lurking all the usual boards for an answer, but after hours and hours looking, I finally decided to ask:


I downloaded the ISO from the interwebs and burned it successfully (I think) to a DVD using ImgBurn at 1x speed, and with a successful verify.


I have Vista installed on the C drive on my laptop. I put the DVD in the drive > F8 > -x -v -legacy (and other combinations) > I get all the verbose information > Language select screen > Click on blue "-->" button > Get rainbow pinwheel > dvd drive eventually stops spinning > force reboot (waited for as long as 30 mins)


I tried disabling all my wireless devices, modems, lan , all the "non essentials" for the computer to run.


I also tried installing it on a D620, the problem is different, but can't even get to the language screen.


Is there a right way to burn these images? Or is the harddrive needed to be prepared before installation (partitioning, fdisk, format, etc...)?


Anyone has any idea of what's going on?


Many thanks in advance,



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