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hello guys, after i found this forum i cancelled my new mac pro and decided to build my own one.


this machine will be used for aperture, cs3 and logic8 - at whe weekend also for games :P


i thought bout those components:




8gb geil dragon series ddr2 800mhz

samsung sh-s203b

energy > corsair bout 500-600W ?

samsung t166 500gb

gainward nvidia 8800gt 1024mb golden sample ( or maybe the new g92 gts ? or a gtx? :<<<< which one is working? )

everthing in a mac pro case i bought 2 days ago on ebay.


now i got those problems deciding which mainboard to buy.


ive read nearly everything bout the asus p5w, p5w deluxe, p5e, about the ga´s , the bad axe and so on, but havnt made a decission yet.


what i do need:

8gb ram support

overclocking ( want bout 3-3,4 ghz )

support my 8800gt 1024mb


sata :<

sound and lan working, maybe w-lan

restart and sleep modus working. sleep is kinda important for me.

raid would be cool but not needed that much



please tell me if you have any ideas which will make this machine run more stable or better.





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Mine using Gigabyte P35-DS4, Q6600 @ 3.2Ghz, 8 GB 800Mhz RAM.. stable (all year round summer temperature 35 - 42 C). LAN working out of box, ICHR9 chipset for SATA works, sound use AppleHDA 1.2 (Speaker out, headphone out works perfectly)


iAtkos 10.5.1 v1.0i

7300GT Video with Natit patch




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I use the P5W DH Deluxe and I can personally say it is a very easy overclocker. I have my e6300 overclocked from 1.86 to 2.33, and I could go more if not for my ram. Also, everything is working out of the box. I am running a Vanilla setup, but I added NVInject and AppleHDA, for graphics and sound.

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