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got to installer, but having lots of issues


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okay, so i finally got past "still waiting for root device" by plugging the optical drive on the same ide cable as my hd.

the installer seemed to install os x fine, and when it got to 100% it reset and now it just stops at a black screen with a flashing _. what do i do now? im about ready to pull my hair out


also i tried the installer again, and it says I cannot install Mac OS X on this volume. A newer version of Mac OS X is installed.

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You need to set the drive up as primary and give it a boot loader.

Follow these instructions. Boot dvd. Open a terminal window from the utilities menu. Type diskutil list and right down the numbers next to your tiger volume. Use the first number when you see X in these instructions. And the second when u see Y.


fdisk -e /dev/rdiskX




f Y


“Partition 2 marked active”




Device could not be accessed exclusively.


A reboot will be needed for changes to take effect. OK? [n]y (as in yes not your Y number)


Writing MBR at offset 0.




then reboot. If that doesnt work then we will require more tinkering.

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im not sure i did it right:

after diskutil list it says:



#: type name size indentifier

0: GUID_partition sceme *55.9GB disk0

1: EFI 200MB disk0s1

2:Apple HFS Untitled 55.6 GB disk0s2



#: type name size identifier

0:Apple_Partition_scheme 3.8GB disk1

1:Apple_partition_map 31.5KB disk1s1

2:Apple_HFS Mac_OS_X_Install Disc 3.8GB disk1s3


nothing is under disk 3 or 4


so anyway, for X i used 0, and for Y i used 1.

everything looked as you typed it except

“Partition 2 marked active”

it said Partition 1 marked active


reset, same _ underscore issue...

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ive read in other threads that the partitioning scheme should be Master Boot Record (not GUID), and it says if i go to disk utility>partition and select the appropriate partition there should be an "option" where i can change this. This button is magically missing ;) could this be causing the issue?

my partitioning scheme says GUID

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