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  1. I'm sorry, what? Since when have we needed a GPS antenna or module to do Google mapping on a PC? They will just use an internet connection?
  2. agent-squirrel

    MAC OS X AMD Gigabyte

    You need to change the BIOS settings for your hard disk SATA controller. Set it to legacy IDE or AHCI and it will detect the disk. Remember to install the SATA drivers for your motherboard so you can switch the controller setting back after wards or Windows wont boot.
  3. agent-squirrel

    2009 Live DVD

    Hmmm I got most of this to work but upon typing 'Exit' to bring up the live system I get a heap of link/load errors on random kexts then it hangs at 'mDNSResponder....:starting'
  4. Well if it does pre-date boot-132 as you say then in will be using the Darwin x86 startup file tool method which is clumsy. Basically pop onto Chameleon's website and download the latest build, the instructions are in the read me file and it should work just fine. The only danger is that it may just simply not work and you will have try a different method, no biggie.
  5. agent-squirrel

    Download button

    I'm not sure I fully understand your question but if for instance you had a file like; File1.pdf and you wanted people to be able to download it you would upload it to your server say to a folder called 'Downloads' then you would create a link to it. E.g - "<a href="/Downloads/File1.pdf">Click here to download.</a>" When someone clicks that link it would open up a box saying, where would you like to download the file to.
  6. agent-squirrel

    Download button

    You should just be able to set up a link and change the URL to the file on your server that you wish people to be able to download. Your browser will do the rest when someone clicks it.
  7. I'm not entirely sure if this will work but if you enable AHCI then do a windows repair with the boot disk it should install the relevant drivers as it will detect them as missing. It worked for me but in a different circumstance.
  8. Are you fully up to date? Run system update and see if there is anything to update.
  9. agent-squirrel

    Internet usage causing hackintosh to freeze?

    How are you connecting to the internet? Recommend checking drivers for Wired or Wireless device. Also try underclocking your cpu back to a normal level, sounds silly but just see if it is an instability issue.
  10. agent-squirrel


    I believe, being as as Mac OS X is UNIX based, you should be able to use the DD terminal command to make a byte for byte copy of the disk to another disk. Not quite the elegant approach of Ghost or such, but functional non the less.
  11. agent-squirrel

    Vaio VGN-NW265F Drivers

    Wireless LAN your going to have fun with, that's one of those things that rarely works in MAC unless you use an airport Broadcom card. Did you install the KEXT then clear all the caches and set the permissions on the KEXT afterwards, dragging and dropping a device driver wont do it. If you are unsure use KEXT helper, that will install them for you. Not sure on your Graphics card, its sort of a newer version of what I have in my laptop the X3100. Try forum searching for a driver on here, there may even be a simple PLIST edit you can perform to get that working or possibly Chameleon bootloader may be able to Inject the relevant strings at boot time, look into it.
  12. I would hazard a guess you need to run a start up repair. From your Xp disk perform a repair of the MBR and then reboot. Assuming chameleon has installed to the MAC OS X partition as it does, then all you have to do is set the boot order for drives in the BIOS with the MAC drive being default. Chameleon will kick in and you should boot xp just fine.
  13. agent-squirrel

    Leopard & Windows 7 Boot Loader Stuff

    Installing Chameleon graphical Bootloader, Its a fairly new project that you install from Within Mac os x and it shouldn't have an issue booting all the different OS's. Do a quick forum search for it.
  14. agent-squirrel

    Will Tiger work On my Computer?

    tiger probably wont, however leopard might just. Try the iAtkos v7 Distro
  15. agent-squirrel

    External HDD gone Wrong...

    There is no way to let Mac OS X tell you it is trying to access a bad sector, because it doesn't know. There is no real way to prevent it other than treating you machine well. The western Digital drive you speak of is excellent I sell them at work. I would hazard a guess at your drive being FUBAR for now. You need a new one.