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fsck and other shortcuts without mac keyboard?


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I would like to do a fsck on my disk- Is there a good program that looks after this? also I dont think the repair disk feature in the install dvd is fsck.




ctrl C ctrl V

copy n paste

how do I do this in mac? with IBM style keyboard?


and other shortcuts like

ctrl T

new tab in firefox.

ctrl n

new window


I will not give up my 1988 buckle spring keyboard. :(

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found it;


thumb button on logitech mice

for the back button


in mac it is command ]

so I got a handy program called http://plentycom.jp/en/steermouse/


and it works for the back button- because the logitech control center wants to put the ] sign before the command sign so it doesnt work, also there were some reports of driver flackyness.


The LCC has always worked fine for me back when I had a G4 and now with osx86 I'm using a LX7 mouse.

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