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A friend of mine managed to get 2 free tickets to watch AFRIKA AFRIKA in the O2 (Millenium Dome) in London and we went to go and watch it yesterday. I'd seen a lot of posters everywhere advertising it but didn't actually know much about it and so to be honest wasn't expecting much really. I assumed it would be a lot of oku-oku kind of stuff but I'm so pleased to say the show was amazing. The skills some of these people have is truly breath-taking. The acrobatics involved is exciting to watch and the music (which I wasn't expecting much from) was great. Although some parts of the acts we've all seen on TV, overall it was fresh and captivating.


In total the show lasts and 2.5 hours with a 30 min break in the middle and although I was tired by the end, I and most people didn't want it to stop. Would highly recommend and I'm thinking about getting some tickets to show my family.





The Daily Telegraph

“By the time this fantastic show reached its riotous full-cast finale there was a party atmosphere both on stage and in the audience. So much bad news comes out of Africa that one tends to think of it as a dark continent full of cruelty, hunger and disease. This show, in contrast, paints an entirely different picture, creating a spell of humour, warmth and wonder that proves truly irresistible”


“AFRIKA! AFRIKA! is exuberant, fast-paced and delightfully fuss-free”

Financial Times

“Truly thrilling entertainment”


“The show is a top-class eye candy”

Show Trailer - 03 Min

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