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Good combo? E8400 + P35 + 8600GTS + OS X


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Hi, I'm building a new PC for the first time in about 15 years. Of course it's gotta be a hackintosh! :(

I've priced out what seems to be a good combination for price, speed and osx86 compatibility:

  • mobo: Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L Rev. 2.0 (Clubit $92)
  • cpu: 3.0GHz Intel E8400 45nm dual core (Mwave $215) OC to ~3.6Ghz
  • ram: 4GB Corsair TWIN2X4096-6400C5 DDR2-800 (Newegg $119 -$40)
  • gfx: 8600GTS XFX PVT84GUDF3 256MB (Newegg $140 -$40)
  • hdd: 500G WD (Clubit $101)
  • dvd: Samsung SH-5203B (Newegg $28)
  • case: 500W Antec Designer (Central Computer $126 -$40)
  • os: Leopard family pack (Apple $169), XP, Vista

Does this seem like a good setup? Would I want to go with Kaliway most likely?

Thanks for any advice!


BTW if you like the looks of any of those $40 rebates, be advised most expire 1/31

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Yep, we even have 1 insightful review on that site to prove it



It's not a bad mother board for the price.It's not great but not bad either.If you are a budget then get this.Easy setup and easy bios.


Seriously, its good, my guide works 100 percent for it.


also, your not buying leopard are you? it'll be tough to install using that. You can buy it anyway and download the illegal version so you atleast paid for your install i guess... even though its illegal to install on PC hardware

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Ok it's built. This thing is absolutely incredible, I'm really happy. Intel E8400 + Gigabyte DS3L is a great bang for the buck, and Kalyway 10.5.1 seems to run really nicely on this combo. Install was a breeze, thanks for the walkthrough! (went AHCI + GUID for now). Benchmarks look potentially awesome for overclock. Will update when I get a better gfx card installed (current one is pretty old -- no 8600gts yet, still shopping and stuff ).

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