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  1. keplenk

    Work in Progress: Google (Inventec) Cr-48

    Hi, Thanks for the great guide! I just have a question on how to flash back to the original stock CR48 BIOS (maybe UEFI?). Is it the same process? 1.) Boot to Ubuntu, then run flashrom on the backed BIOS. If you don't have ubuntu, try a live usb? Is this the command to run? flashrom -w backup.bin Of course, the backup.bin is the file that was generated when you ran "flashrom -r" earlier. 2.) Let's say with that command, it returned to the original Chrome BIOS (or UEFI?), you reboot and then you see the sad face -- then you press spacebar -- then insert your Google USB recovery -- wait until it restores -- then is it done? Will that method work? Please let me know as I really want to try this. Thanks!
  2. Hi, Really, you have native EFI on your laptop? That is pretty cool. Have you tried booting a retail dvd and not install an EFI emulator? Is this old news? Thanks!
  3. Hi, I really hope it is true. Do you have a news article that it is offically a non-issue? Check this out, do you think it could be false testing? http://techreport.com/articles.x/16979 I'm planning to buy one soon. I really hope the wear out issue isn't true.
  4. keplenk

    RTL8187B USB wireless from Ebay

    Oh {censored}. I already purchased a more expensive one. I hope its going to be better. SMCWUSB-G I'll receive it on monday.
  5. A guy is selling this USB wireless adapter for macintosh and I was wondering what you think about this. According to him the chipset it uses is RTL8187B. The product looks extremely cheap and indeed it is. $8.99 What do you think? Will this work. I think it's just generic. Link: Wireless from Ebay Link
  6. keplenk

    Leopard Laptops with NON-working GMA X3100

    Hi, I have a Sony Laptop that has x3100 on it. The new iATKOS v7 dvd works without even choosing any drivers from intel. However, when I booted up, I could change resolutions but not my optimal resolution. My optimal resolution is 1280x800. I had to use SwitchResX to make it work. Just like most people here. Is there a way of "NOT" using SwitchResX? I'm not being Obsessive Compulsive here but I was just wondering if there is a fix for this. I'm not against using SwitchResX because it is really an awesome program. If there is not, then it's fine with me Just wondering. THank you!
  7. Great Release! One of the best so far! Tried in two laptops. 1) Sony Vaio CR Series -G965 Chipset -GMA X3100 -2gb of RAM -4965AGN Wirelss - of course, still not working -webcam not working -All usb ports are good -Vanilla kernel used -Chameleon v2 is amazing -VoodooPS2 with trackpad plugin - works perfectly -I haven't tried the memory card reader, will post later. -NIC working with RTL1000.kext -Voodoo HDA used - works No kernel panics so far. Tried Vanilla, voodoo 9.7.0 - all works Amazingly, my x3100 works without checking options in the Intel driver section. I guess the GMAX3100 kext from 10.5.7 works right away. I didn't even check Intel GMA EFI String. 2) HP dv4-1125nr (not as stable as my sony) -4gb of RAM -4 series chipset -As expected, GMA X4 series won't work -HP webcam lights up, but doesn't work (will try macam later) -Broadcom 4315 wireless works -NIC works -VoodooPS2 trackpad with plugin doesn't work used ApplePs2 - Trackpad mouse only works, but gives an error of not detecting synaptic something. Trackpad tapping and multitouch gestues will not work. Maybe because my trackpad is different. -I haven't tried the memory card reader, will post later. -Intel audio - Voodoo HDA used - works -NIC works with RTL1000.kext I'm having random kernel panics every time I boot up (with HP). I tried to use Voodoo 9.5.0, 9.7.0, 9.7.0 (Vanilla) all works but all had the kernel panic issue. Sometimes I have to turn it on and off for 3 times to make it finally boot up. Sometimes when I turn it on for the first time, it boots up right away. Usually 2 times. I booted up with -v -f in all scenarios. Booting up in normal mode almost panics every time, -f helped a lot. But once it booted up properly, I don't have kernel panic anymore (with all kernels tested). Could this be because I have 4GB or RAM? This system came with a 64-bit OS (Vista), tried looking at the bios and I guess it's pre-set to 64bit, no where I could find to change it to 32-bit. I don't know if that matters but I'm just letting you know. Thanks uphuck and team! Keep up the good work.
  8. keplenk

    10.5.7 Released

    Any news about the ATI 4670 and/or 4770 support? I hope they added it. Thanks.
  9. keplenk

    New Chameleon Announced!

    OMG, this is awesome!!!! Can this support booting from Acronis Secure Zone? I hope it can so I can say goodbye to GRUB! Good Job. I just wet my pants.
  10. Hmm .. I might be going nuts here but I can't find the PPF download even in green demon. What are the tag names for this? thnx or maybe someone can upload it somewhere else? like direct download sharing sites? TNX
  11. Hi all, This is the first time I'm trying to install osx in my very old p4 SSE2 PC, which make me clueless at some point in the installation. This is also the first time I checked AGPGart in my installation. I'm used to installing OSX in my newer and some new amd machines. Anyway, this is my problem. I installed OS X in my old pc using iPC 10.5.6 (Thanks PCWiz and the others!) and my video card is FX5500. PCWiz indicated in his notes that If someone is using an older Geforce 5 series cards, NVKush COMPLETE package should be checked. So I did and it was awesome and worked fast! However, PCWiz also indicated that there are glitches in that driver and unfortunately I experience it. It usually shades the whole window as black. I read is some forums that FX5500 is dropped in 10.5.6? My question is, If I install 10.5.5 in my older system and use the NVKush complete package, will I have those glitch problems? Anyone using FX5500 here? What drivers are you using in leopard? 10.5.6 or 10.5.5? Thanks!
  12. keplenk


    Oooppss really? Sorry about that. I guess, my guess is wrong I still find it weird not to have this issue before even though makeactive is listed in my osx entry inside menu.lst. Anyway, I'll update my chameleon. Tnx for the tip Arial
  13. keplenk


    Wow, I can't believe I missed that! I haven't checked my menu.lst since, because I always use that as my standard menu.lst everytime I reformat. I never had any problems with PCI_EFI / or older version of chameleon. I guess this release has a better chameleon bootloader with it THanks for the tip RhyGuy Removed makeactive.. viola, Everything is working great now. Grub is now superior in my PC.
  14. keplenk


    Hi all, After successfully installing everything and running real nice and smooth, I noticed a problem that I can't fix The chamaleon bootloader overwrites my existing bootloader. Every time I make my Ubuntu grub active again, I restart and it works. However, as soon as I just booted to leopard, Darwin overwrites the grub bootloader again. I have to make it active again (grub). Please help. Is there a way to make Grub my superior bootloader again?
  15. keplenk


    I just want to share my experience with this great release. First of all, I just posted earlier about a USB mouse/KB not working on the installer itself. It was actually working, I think my PC got a glitch or something. Please trash my earlier post. My full specs: -GA-P35-DS3L Rev 2.0 F5 Bios -E2180 -Nvidia 7600GT 256mb ddr3 - 3 SATA Seagate HDDs - 1 SATA DVDRW - 2GB ddr2 800 ram - USB mouse/kb -Running in AHCI mode -22-inch Samung LCD DVD booted fine but it was kinda slow compared to other releases. However, the installation method is lightning fast! It took me about 6-8 mins to install everything. These are the items I checked: -All Essential Software except Optional Essential Kext (I did not check any items there) -Voodoo Beta 2c -ICHx_DUNE -HDA Enabler -ALC888_ad0 -Enhanced SpeedStep 1.40 -Enhanced SpeedStep -EHCI Sleep Enabler -OpenHaltRestart -SysProfilerFix -EFI Studio Since I did not install any video drivers (because I want EFI), I had to boot using -v -x After booting in safe mode, opened up utilities and opened EFI Studio. Choose my video card (7600GT) and appended to com.apple.Boot.plist. Reboot and everything was working (video wise). QI/CE is working ok. Next, I tried the newer Voodoo kernel RC (9.5) from here: http://code.google.com/p/xnu-dev/downloads/list Installed and reboot. It worked properly. Sleep, Restart, Shutdown are all working fine (at long last!). Checked System Profiler and everything is detected (audio, video, usb). Minor issues: 1) System profiler detected my ICH9 chipset as Unknown AHCI controller. My Icons are all orange. To fix this, I followed this thread. It included the kext that is needed. If possible, you can add this in the next ppf. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=108479 Please add the Voodoo RC in the next ppf as well 2) Software update is really slow. I'm not sure what is the actual cause but at first I thought it was my internet. It wasn't. When I booted to Vista and Ubuntu, my internet was actually fast. I'm now thinking that maybe, Apple's website is slow today. Or maybe, there is something wrong somewhere. Anyway, it took me 12 mins to show the list of updates available. Normally, it takes me about a minute or two. BTW, I saw that there is NVDarwin in the list of video drivers. I actually tried it and it is actually working. Now, I'm curious between the other releases and specially EFI (since, this is the one I use ever since). Are they all the same? Should I use this NVDarwin? I really never liked using other Video drivers since EFI-GFX is working fine. But NVDarwin sounds really cool .. lol. What's your opinion about these guys? Is it better that EFI/gfx? Right now, I would say that this release is the best even it is still in beta stage. Great work BlackCH! Thank you so much!