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Leopard and Tiger wont find any HDD


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Myself and Naruto_killer are having the same issue. I have used 6 diff copies of Leopard, i found that Zephyroth Rev 1 boots to the install DVD and sees the internal HD But on reboot, you get a waiting for root device. It is the Chipset that is preventing the HD from being seen by other installers. I have been able to install and boot ANY copy to an external USB device and it works great. But you have to find and install chipsets for it for the OS to see the internal HD. I am working on it at home very thoroughly. Many Many trial and errors. Once i perfect it, ill put up a guide. So far my next theory is to install onto an External HD, then from there, install the chipsets so it sees the internal Drive, then installing it on the internal Drive from within the External OS. msg for any ideas or comments.

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