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  1. are there any distros of snow leopard with the nforce test kext?
  2. iwantsound44

    stac9227 help

    i have a dell dimension e521 with leopard on it sound works but only out of the rear output is there a way i can get auto switch between headphone and the back of the computer
  3. after i install the ati radeon install package for the graphics card i get an all blue screen with just a cursur for the mouse. can someone help... i just bought this card ... i have 10.5.2 installed
  4. is there a combo update i can download also will i be able to use a 9.5 kernel for amd
  5. does this card work with anything over 10.5.2
  6. i need suggestions on purchasing an inexpensive one but all the ones i see dont work with 10.5.5
  7. iwantsound44

    NVidia 8400GS 256MB

    can you post a link to where you got the installer for the graphics card... and you can change the resolution right?.. thank you very much........also does this work with anything higher then 10.5.2
  8. thank you i will consider this card... does anyone else have any other suggestions.
  9. i need to buy a new graphics card so quartz extreme can work.and a link on what to download to get quartz extreme to work....i would prefer to spend under $50... thank you
  10. what do i need to download.please help
  11. i have a dell diemnsion e521 and i need a graphics card that will 100 percent work easily and a link on how to get it to work.it needs to have quartz extreme working.i would prefer to spend around 50 but i dont care at this point
  12. i tried the edited ionetworking kext but no luck. does anyone have any ideas
  13. please help i have a dell vostro 1500 and yes i have it marked active with gparted live cd