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Ok, so I'm new to all this OSx86 Leopard stuff. Just felt like installing Leopard on my Windows XP Pro SP2.


How I installed:

I got the image file, TOH it was called. Burned it to a DVD and installed. I did not use BrazilMAC, but I used this patcher that it said on the installation guide or something. That fixed the laggyness of my OS. I have 2 partitions, I installed Windows XP on C: and Leopard on D:. I can't boot back into Windows and I can boot into Leopard using the CD.



My ethernet card doesn't work. I used mayushi's guide, didn't work. In fact, my ethernet card (the lights) shut off, it was blinking before but it's not even blinking anymore. I was wondering if anyone could help.

Also whenever I try to install the patches from like brazilmac, in terminal i keep getting permission denied, or operation not permitted, i don't even know why....


Fixes (maybe?):

Do I have to re-install windows, use BrazilMAC, then install Leopard(TOH version)

Do I not install leopard at all because my ethernet isn't supported or something?



2.8GHz (Single Core HT disabled)

500gb SATA hard drive

Nvidia Geforce 7600

3Com 3c940(I think) is my card

Asus P4P8X is my mother board


It would be really awsome if you guys could help me out.


P.S. I know, I'm a UBER noob at this stuff. So help a helpless guy?

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You know, instead of eating up good bandwidth,you could actually find out all the info yourself, by looking through posts and OMG, what's this.. we actually have a Wiki for this OSX86 stuff.... what a coincidence...

look it up before you post.. do try an "Official" DVD, they are ever so well thought out... lol



Think Mark

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