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Leopard running REALLY slow on laptop [SOLVED]

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i checked and in the cpu column of activity monitor, all of the processes say 0.0 next to them and there is nothing using a lot of ram...but, there are a lot of processes using HUGE amounts of virtual memory... is this normal?


EDIT: now the processes are showing the cpu usage next to them and the largest amount is 19.2

but, there are processes using GIGABYTES of virtual memory


The huge amount of VRAM is normal. They just reserve that space, they don't actually use it. It is not a problem.

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i dont know which one... i cant tell

anyway, its weird... when i move the mouse quickly while some thing is happening (for example when a window is closing) it speeds up somewhat


also, when i first installed it, the welcome video would go extremely slowly unless i kept moving the mouse (then it would speed up a little bit)


sounds very much like the problem i'm having with my 7800 card. when i remove my nvidia drivers it runs smoothly but at super low resolution and so on. I very low cpu and memory load so i'ts not that and system profiler says i have QE and CI support...

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