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I've spent the last couple of days crawling through the forums looking for a laptop to run OSx86 on.


I'm a Double Agent for the Geeksquad in my area, and am the only one thats authorized to work on mac PCs (mainly because of what I've learned from this project and its forums). I need something 14 or 15", and would like it to run OSx86 Leopard fairly painlessly. After looking through the Wiki for a bit and the forums, so far I'm looking at a Compaq Presario C712NR. It's the right size, price range (4 - 600 on eBay) and seems like it wouldn't be overly hard to make OSx86 run, and Dual Boot with Windows XP or Vista.


I really would appreciate any recommendations you guys can give me in the 4 - 600 dollar price range that won't make me want to kill myself when I try and put Kalyway or iATKOS on it

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