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Parallels/boot camp?

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I'm having trouble using my XP partition in Parallels build 5582. It sees the XP partition and creates a "My Boot Camp" virtual machine, but when I start the virtual machine it halts very on at "Boot from hard drive...". Do you think this has something to do with BIOS (vs. EFI), MBR disk, NTFS formatting, or something else?

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I tried VMware Fusion 1.1 as well, and it won't boot the Windows partition either. Could you provide a few more details about your setup for comparison purposes? Here are my relevant details:


Intel single-core CPU


Partition 1: Windows XP on NTFS

Partition 2: Leaopard 10.5.1 (Kalyway) on HFS+ (Journaled)

MBR bootloader built into Kalyway install disc

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My setup:


C2D 2.4ghz

2 SATA HD's, one in GUID and the other on MBR(XP Pro)

Kalyway 10.5.1

p5b-vm mobo

4gb ram



I had my leopard HD formatted as MBR before and it worked then as well. It doesn't play nice with XP x64 cause its not supported but XP Pro worked fine on vmware.


What did VMware say when you tried to boot the other partition?

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I followed the tutorial from the genius bar, but I can't get parallels to boot my XP partition. As soon as parallels tries to boot from the hard drive, it crashes and asks me to submit a bug report. The Windows XP recovery console boots fine from the CD and detects my XP installation.


My setup is as follows:

SATA1: 250GB, 3 partitions. 116GB NTFS Windows XP, 113GB EXT3 Ubuntu, 2.5GB Linux Swap.

SATA2: 160GB, 1 partition. 149GB HFS+ Kalyway 10.5.1.

SATA3: 500GB, 1 partition. 465GB NTFS DATA.

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ok solved my problem. apparently partitioning the windows boot drive with Disk Utility messes up the MBR/boot sector. I reinitialized the partition table with linux, partitioned with partitionmagic and everything works fine.

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