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  1. You don't have to get rid off of the boot camp partition, parallels can boot the boot camp partition directly, whch i find very convenient. Also you can try one of the Firefox extensions that lets you switch the rendering engine, so you can do everything in one browser.
  2. triggerc

    Parallels/boot camp?

    Just to say that the problem is most like hackintos based, because Parallels on the boot camp partition works perfectly on my MBP.
  3. triggerc

    unlocking a MBP

    I don't think there is a MBP that has 512mb of vram. The highest has 256mb. Which MPB do you have? 15.4"/17"/2.2ghz/2.4ghz?
  4. triggerc

    Apple cinema display

    or you could just get a Dell 2007WFP or the 2407WFP, same monitor
  5. triggerc

    watercooling systems

    If you are planning on overclocking a pentium D on air you should be prepaired to spend around $40-$50 for something like the Coolermaster Geminii or the Tuniq Tower or the Ultra-120 with some quality fans like Sunons and Yate Loons. Cheap air coolers are good for stock systems, but they will have a lot of trouble keeping down the heat after overclocking, even more so with a Pentium D, which runs very hot.
  6. triggerc

    watercooling systems

    Honestly, if you are looking to spend less than 100, I would just go with high end air cooling. Water cooling is a delicate thing, and requires a lot of maintainance and quality parts to reach its full potential. And high end air cooling like the Tuniq Tower or the Coolermaster Gemini will out perform most of the cheap water cooling kits you see anyway.
  7. triggerc

    watercooling systems

    I seriously doubt that it will perform better than the high end air coolers. You are better off with a Tuniq Tower or something if you are looking to buy a WC system like that.
  8. triggerc

    watercooling systems

    Have you had experiences with any of the swiftech blocks? How much better does the Fuzion perform? I know it performs better than even the storm, but I don't know if the performance margin will justify the switch.
  9. triggerc

    watercooling systems

    If you want to go WC I would suggest that you build a custom setup. Go with all 1/2" fittings and 7/16" for the tubing, that way you'll minimize that chance of leaking. If you want, you can also use non-conductive coolant like FluidXP or PCIce, just in case you get some liquid on your stuff they won't be fried that way. Other than that just shop around for parts, Dangerden does make very good components, but you can find them for cheaper at places like Xoxide and FrozenCPU. Don't be afraid to buy used waterblocks, but I would stay away from buying used radiators and pumps as they are harder to clean and maintain. You should be able to put together a quite decent custom setup for 175. BTW Nykwil, what block is that? D-tek Fuzion? I don't think I've ever seen that one before.
  10. triggerc

    Desktop Value?

    where are you going to go to look for new parts for 25% cheaper than newegg and ewiz? I'd like to know.
  11. triggerc

    Desktop Value?

    I'm a pretty strict appraiser of things, but here goes. $90 max for the processor $90 max for the motherboard $200 for the RAM unless they are high quality overclockers $70 max for the Barracuda $55 for the TV tuner $90 for the all in wonder $35 max for the cd drive and card reader total: $630, might be a little less depending on how old the stuff is. You can't build that for $300 new, the processor + motherboard + HD come to 300 without shipping...
  12. triggerc

    My New Hackintosh Parts

    For the e4300 and its 9x multi a Bad Axe 2 would be my first choice, since you don't need the insane overclockability of the 965 chipset, this way you will have the stability of the 975x. For the e6300 I would go with a p5b-deluxe, there will be more patching for the 965 board but it is definitely worth taking the cpu up to 3.4 ghz.
  13. triggerc

    FS/FT Gaming Computer! Or trade for MacBook Pro

    is that a raptor with 16mb cache or the 8mb cache version? I might be interested in the raptor if you are parting out for a RAID array.
  14. You don't need to use the GUID method if you are booting os x with chain0