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I want a Gaming-Hackintosh :)

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Hey guys! :P


After my Macbook took over my "normal" PCs place, I sweared to myself I will never install any version of windows on my future (Apple-)Hardware.

I am absolutely satisfied with my macbook but sometimes I miss the feeling of playing games on the PC, so i decided to buy a Hackintosh with better hardware (especially Graphiccard). So I could play Games without having to install windows. :P

Which hardware would you recommend me? The whole Hardware shouldn't be tooooooo expensive maybout about 500-700$

Ah yeah LAN-function is very important because I'm playing at LAN-Parties sometimes. So gigabit LAN would be very nice! :P

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I'd just go with an Intel Core 2 Duo, or wait for the new Penryn stuff to be out and more mainstream. It's probably best for you to install Windows if you want to game and LAN though. Running games in Parallels or VMWare Fusion is not as fast as running them natively.

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Here's what you should have:


mobo:$99.99 GA-P35-DS3L(think its that one)


graphics:$239 MSI 8800GT


proc: i have a E6320 and its good but you can get a lot faster proc for a little more now


RAM: i have OCZ Reaper but almost anything will do


HDD:almost anything will do also, but if you want somehting fast get WD Raptor


optical:$25 samsung SH-S203B


case: just stay cheap since your on a budget


Overall my current system witch consists of the E6320, 8800GTS 640mb(G80), eVGA 122-CK-NF68(nForce 680i), OCZ Reaper, WD Raptor, and samsung SH-S203B in a Antec P182se. I can play any game at max resolution and settins all up. I also have a 22" widescreen 1680X1050 res.


RIght now you can build a great system for a small price. Don't forget to buy OSes, especially if your gonna put OS X on it.

You should pay for great software :D

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