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  1. AppleSMBIOS-27-Rev6 Released!

    I know you don't have to have serial. I was just thinking it would be cool to have original product code because i bought the retail disc and installed with that. By the way, if i don't answer soon its because i don't like getting on with dial up.
  2. Hey, I finally got the Leopard working! I used a few different kexts from pcwiz's pack and i used a few different commands. Here's a typo i think i found: "sudo rm -r /Volumes/Macintosh/System/Library/Extensions.mkext" I used a -rf instead and it worked otherwise it didn't. Thanks for the great guide by the way. I've don't quite a few reinstalls using different kexts. I'm gonna try to use the new SMBIOS from macdotnub i think and have a legit serial. Thanks again for the guide
  3. AppleSMBIOS-27-Rev6 Released!

    Do yall know of a way to get the retail disc serial number. I have a retail install.
  4. New Kalyway 10.5.2 Release!

    Gosh Dangit!, I hate my dial up! I just got the 10.5.1 from a friends house! I hate the phone and cable company for not putting broadband in my area!
  5. Dell Latitude D600

    I got the same laptop except with no screen. In the HCL it tells you breifly what you need to do to put it on there. Here's the link. Thats for the 10.5.1. The 10.5.2 should be the same. Here's the other link. By the way, did you set the boot order for the DVD drive first then the HDD?
  6. I think if u used guid partitioning u can resize it. Then i don't know from there. i'm still a newb at this. :censored2:
  7. LTL, I completely agree with you to buy the real Retail Leopord and patching it from there. The OS is cheap and its the best around(my opinion). I've ordered my motherboard a long time ago and there was a mixup with newegg. I ended up getting a DS3R instead of the DS3P. I finally got it not too long ago. Now I'm waiting for my friend to get me my Leopard that I asked him to buy. Soon I can finally build a nice Leopard PC
  8. Worst Thing about Macs

    First of all, I'm not a Apple Cultist. The 360 is a badly engineered console though. My cousins burnt out and I've been fixing it. When you take it apart, you (or at least me) can tell that is was quickly and badly designed. I've known so many people who have had problems with their 360s. Another thing is, when i took the heatsink off of the 360; the TIM seemed was like dried gum. That shouldn't be like that just for new system builders.
  9. Installing Leopard from retail DVD

    If you make it into a iso, then patch it with the brazil mac patch. I also think that you need to use a mac to patch it. Thats what I'm planning to do. Theres a post somewhere on how to do this by brazilmac.
  10. The sound card is a great I hear. I know it takes the load off the cpu and gives great quality. Thats what it says in the computer magazines i read. (Maximum PC and CPU Magazine). I don't think that the card is supported in Mac. Thats what i remember from the HCL.
  11. Here's what you should have: mobo:$99.99 GA-P35-DS3L(think its that one) graphics:$239 MSI 8800GT proc: i have a E6320 and its good but you can get a lot faster proc for a little more now RAM: i have OCZ Reaper but almost anything will do HDD:almost anything will do also, but if you want somehting fast get WD Raptor optical:$25 samsung SH-S203B case: just stay cheap since your on a budget Overall my current system witch consists of the E6320, 8800GTS 640mb(G80), eVGA 122-CK-NF68(nForce 680i), OCZ Reaper, WD Raptor, and samsung SH-S203B in a Antec P182se. I can play any game at max resolution and settins all up. I also have a 22" widescreen 1680X1050 res. RIght now you can build a great system for a small price. Don't forget to buy OSes, especially if your gonna put OS X on it. You should pay for great software
  12. I know a lot of the older boards could support 45nm. I know my current nForce 680i board does. The main reason I really want the 2.1 is because its the only one that i can find on newegg. If they had the 2.0 and it wasn't open box and cheaper I would get that. There shouldn't be too much of a performance difference though pcwiz.
  13. I found the GA-P35-DS3P rev.2.1. It has a new name call the GA-EP35-DS3P. Here's the link to the board, GA-EP35-DS3P. Now i can start making my Mac!
  14. Can't Find GA-P35-DS3P

    I did google and I don't want to by from ebay, but thanks for the links anyway. I guess I should wait for the revision to come out before I buy from newegg. P.S. I had checked some sites but never bought from them and I gave up after awhile due to I'm on dail up /middlefingertobroadbandcompaniesfornotputtingitinmyarea