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A few questions before installing.


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Hey, I have reacently heard/found out about running Mac OS X Leopard on a pc and I must say I am very interested. I first downloaded iatkos but this failed which was quite dissapointing as it used up 25% of my downloads for this month. Before going any futher I just wanted to have the following questions confirmed.


1) Will my computer be able to run Mac OS X Leopard with the following specs:

Benq Joybook A52 (Laptop)

Ram: 2Gb (Unsure as to what brand)

Cpu: Intel Core Duo 1.73 Ghz

Harddrive: Fujtsu 160Gb


2) My laptop came with vista installed but I now have wiped it and added Ubuntu Linux. I have 4 partitions, 1 for linux swap, 1 for /home, one for / and hopefuly one for mac. Will it be possible to dual boot between ubuntu and leopard?


3) The best way to go about installing seems to use the KALYWAY 10.5.1 dvd, if I use this method do I still need to patch leopard? And if so what patch do I use?


4) If theres anything else I need to know or helpful information please post.


thanks, Luke

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