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No harddisk listed, unable to install kalyway


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HI guys, since iatkos constantly rebooted my pc I treid kalyway

booted fine, giving arguements -v and vanilla, also tried without vanilla


now here's the problem, whenever I boot the dvd, and go into disk utlity to format my SATA drive, it isn't listed!

i tried connecting the sata harddisk via usb(so it would operate like an external harddisk) then it got listed,

but, when the installation nearly finished, I got a yellow exclamation mark(!=this sign) saying the install failed.

Same result on connecting the drive to another pc.(through usb)

selections: alc883 sound card driver, the standard selected EFI, and that was it.


My config:

MSI motherboard, geforce 8500GT, 1gig internal memory, 320 gyg sata drive, core 2 duo 2.8 gig


thanks for any help!

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