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  1. yes i know but it's rather expensive lol, i was counting on a lookalike
  2. yes I know but I really hate those keyboards, I want somethin' real-er:P
  3. Hey guys! How are y'all? Anyway my pc broke down(surprise) so i finally decided to go with mac, I bought the mac mini! However I couldn't afford buying the keyboard + mouse too . (90 euros about 200 dollars). So I was wondering if there's any alternative to the two, I mean windows' got a 1000 kind of keyboards haha! Thanks for the help!
  4. hey guys! I have a dell inspiron e1505/6400, however when installing kalyway I can't get any drivers to work, it sais they're incorrectly installed. So I tried iAtkos, this one doesn't even boot! Now i'm d/ing iDeneb, which I was greatly satisfied by first, which also worked perfectly, now what did you guys exactly select and why are my installs such a failure when other people have a lot of success with the same model? Thanks!
  5. henky

    fast download LOL

    nope not available in my area
  6. henky

    Sigmatel 9200 Microphone?

    Hey guys, for school I have to record sound on my Dell E1505 with mac. However my microphone port doesn't appear to be working I have a sigmatel stac9200 card, any ideas would be greatly appriciated!
  7. henky

    fast download LOL

    The netherlands:)
  8. henky

    fast download LOL

    haha look at this it's rather a fast download bout 50000 kb/s:P 2min for 6gb Snapshot_2009_03_29_00_49_45.tiff
  9. hi guys, i'm on kalyway 10.5.2 now and I'd like to install either 10.5.4 or 10.5.5 however all guides i have tried, nothing works. I can update to 10.5.3 cuz JaS made a combo update but i cannot find one for 10.5.4 or 10.5.5! any ideas? thanks
  10. ok thnx, can't i just chown the whole drive in one command?
  11. Hi guys, I had this driver I needed to install, but it came with the IATKOS install dvd, so when I tried to run it it wouldn't install because it hadn't asked for the password thus no writing permissions, basicly what i did was open my drive's properties and routing all of it's permissions to the current user, that worked, the driver installed, but now I can't repair permissions with diskutility error: the underlying task reported failure on exit and i already tried setting the owner function back to the pc, but, kernel panic..., whatto do? thanks
  12. HI guys, since iatkos constantly rebooted my pc I treid kalyway booted fine, giving arguements -v and vanilla, also tried without vanilla now here's the problem, whenever I boot the dvd, and go into disk utlity to format my SATA drive, it isn't listed! i tried connecting the sata harddisk via usb(so it would operate like an external harddisk) then it got listed, but, when the installation nearly finished, I got a yellow exclamation mark(!=this sign) saying the install failed. Same result on connecting the drive to another pc.(through usb) selections: alc883 sound card driver, the standard selected EFI, and that was it. My config: MSI motherboard, geforce 8500GT, 1gig internal memory, 320 gyg sata drive, core 2 duo 2.8 gig thanks for any help!
  13. thnx! i set the code in the injectgo.kext however s-video will not work! extreme graphics etc. do work, i cant test my vga port since it's broken, any ideas howto get the s-video port working?
  14. Hi guys, I;m running ToH rc2 leopard, qe/ci or something are enabled with my current driver, however I have no dual-screen capability! I'd like using my s-video port since my VGA port is broken:S, any help? thanks! (tried using the search function but nothing showed up)
  15. henky

    leopard broadcom 440x?

    Helllo! when I booted up my just installed leopard system, the ethernet card got detected, but even when I had my cabel plugged in, it said: cable unplugged, I tried adding the kext's that worked on my 10.4 install but It gave me a kernel panic, ( I used the 10.4 graphics driver for leopard aswell, which worked) anyone know what to do? thanks!