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Witch iMac?


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I need some help on deciding which iMac I need and looking for some help to decide.

Things I do and program I use.


In OS X:

Web design (photoshop/illustrator)

Simple 3D things (Maya)

Coding (No idea)

Chatting (MSN/ICQ/Skype/IRC programs ; )

Some simple video editing (iMovie)


In windows:

Playing game

+ Battlefield 1942

+ Battlefield 2?

+ Some strategic games from like 2k2 and older

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I would avoid the very bottom end model as it has a pretty low spec CPU and graphics by todays standards. The top model is out of your price range, so that leaves the two middle models the 20 inch 2.4GHz and the 24 inch 2.4GHz.


So it seems the descision comes down to whether you want the 24 inch screen or would rather spend the $400 price difference upgrading other bits.

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