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AMD Install?


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Hi Mac heads! ;)


I'm sure you must get an overwhelming amount of these every week, so, I am sorry, but I must ask. Vista is killing me as my new SATA drive is not detected by the OS... No matter how many different drivers, it won't work. So, I have been playing with a live disk of Debian and transfering my files over to the SATA drive so I can install my new OS on my IDE drive.


So, here is the legenday question. :P Which "hackintosh" will work best with my system?



AMD Athlon 3700+

nVidia GeForce 6600 GT


Creative SB Audigy


(2) Sony DRD-RW drives

(2) 180 Gig IDE

(1) 500 Gig SATA

(1) 500 Gig external


I don't do too much downloading but I did find this one.


the kernel is Toh kernel 9.1.0.

It's 32bits until a kernel allow to boot without "-legacy".


Does that look like something I can use? Is there anything you can see that I would need to do before attempting to install this in a partition?


Thanks for reading my rant... Kind of new to this. :unsure:

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I'm not a totally idiot when it comes to computers. I even brought it to my local computer shop and they said, "My hardware is too old...". Bologna. So, I am yet another victim of the horrible Vista drivers.


All I would like to know is which patch would be best. If I mess it up or it doesn't work, no big deal as I will make Ubuntu my main OS again.

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Nothing? All I get is someone shooting me down before I can even begin? That sure is nice. :(


Check my sig out. I've had great success installing JaS 10.4.8 AMD SSE2 / SSE3, Tubgirl 10.4.10 and Zephyroth 10.5.1 on my AMD system. All ran natively. Currently, my Leopard install is running natively and without any problems. Of course, I installed Tubgirl 10.4.0 then Z's 10.5.1 (don't think it's necessary -- but I was being redundant). Hope that helps.

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I agree with the computer store, your hardware is too old. A new mobo for your processer should be less than $50, have you even though that all of the time you've spent trying out different things is probably worth more than $50. Considering OSX has less hardware support for PCs than Vista, why would you think that OS X would be your solution? Good luck... I say either upgrade or use PCLinuxOS or Ubuntu or your favorite flavor of linux

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