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  1. ^^^ {censored}! Can you upload your wallpaper, please?!?!?
  2. Thought the adium "tweak" is pretty cool with the background here... Just to show you all...
  3. That's an app called TuneBar... The background?? Well, here it is for 7 days... http://rcpt.yousendit.com/618564979/7a60e1...857afea5368aca0
  4. Here's the Hackintosh running like a champ...
  5. I had that issue until yesterday... It is indeed a bios issue and nothing else as you are having issues accessing the bios and nothing pertaining to OS X. So, go into the bios with your old keyboad and make sure you have USB mouse and keyboard use enabled. It should be set to this as a standard, but then again, what do I know...
  6. Is this possible? To have two different icons for the same HDD? So, when the drive is spinning there is a different icon than when it isn't powered?
  7. Leadtek PX 8800GT, driver Help

    So weird man. I just did a clean install of my hackintosh and am now having the same error. The bios screen tells me I have 14MB of memory on my graphics cards during boot up?!?! Any incite on this problem would be greatly appreciated. The exact message I get in the bios while the bootup of OS X starts is:
  8. Zero kb folder...!

    Yeah, I've had a few instances of blackouts at my house... So, not every time the drives are dismounted properly. I read (somewhere) that inconsistencies can arise in NTFS formatted disks when using them repeatedly with OS X. I have never encountered this problem with files before so it sure does make me wonder. I will look into hfs+ as I've never even thought about it. Thanks for the tip.
  9. Zero kb folder...!

    The drives that have been converted to Mac OS Extended are backed up... Slow process which takes cash and time. Neither of which I have massive amounts kicking around. Thanks for the tip. Still looking for something that can be done in OS X. Also, I am fully aware of drive issues arising when using NTFS in Mac. Hence me formating them all over again. I'm not clueless as to what I should and shouldn't be doing... Just trying to rectify a drive error.
  10. Zero kb folder...!

    I have a 3 TB music collection and have been in the process of switching all of my HDDs over to Mac OS extended. Well, I recently did a clean install of my Hackintosh as I played with it a little too much... Well, played with it beyond repair. Anyways, now that I am in this new install, I see that one of my folders on an NTFS drive is showing up as an unreadable file with th size of zero kb. Thing is, my disk is still as full as it should be if the folder were functioning properly. Is there a way to go in and fix this? I have access to a windows machine if it would make it easier. These files are irreplacable so any input would be greatly appreciated...
  11. Wow... Exman, can you make one with the bottom Apple symbol just say OS X please???
  12. Cool video man! What's the artist and title of the tune here?!?!
  13. We are using FCP Studio for all of our editing.... I am getting a little lag with the 8 core, 3.0 GHz Harpertown, 16 Gigs of RAM, and the 8800GT... Who knows, maybe I should upgrade my RAM setup? Either way, thanks for the tips... Is there any tutorial out there of how I can go about flashing that card?
  14. Okay, I have a high end new Mac Pro which is being used for high-def video editing. I need eSATA ports to hook into 3 PCIe slots as I have external enclosures with 60TB of storage. So, I am in need of one graphics card. The 8800s aren't packing enough I don't think and I sure as heck don't need a Quadro. So, I am looking for something in the middle. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814130374 Can I hook something like this up in my Mac Pro? Will Leopard recognize this without any hacking? I have a perfectly working hackintosh already, I just need this one to be running top notch for the business. Please let me know.