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    Modified Bios for Asus P5Q Deluxe

    old post, but my old mobo crapped out so I needed to buy a new one off ebay. Turned out I still needed one of these files. Thanks!
  2. Tried this out, and it worked pretty good. I suggest NOT using chameleon RC5 because it is a debug version and you will have to hit a key to start every time and it's really annoying. Just use RC4. I tried this because the hazard version didn't work AT ALL on this mobo, just a kernel panic every time. I prefer vanilla anyway. My biggest issue was getting my video card to work, but with the Nvidia 7x00 cards it turns out you need to boot into 32-bit mode. That is actually what is set in the boot.plist file that was included with the files but I wanted 64-bit I guess I have to upgrade my video card to get 64-bit.
  3. rtomek

    gateway mx3215 broadcom driver

    So, after a week of lat nights, I've given up on this laptop. This is a windows-only laptop, even on linux this thing has more than it's share of troubles (though I have had everything working in the past). I think that Gateway does something with their hardware, so that only the drivers from their website work. I even 'rebranded' the wireless card and tried other hacks. I think that when I did get it to recognize by messing with the Info.plist, the bootup halted at that stage so it didn't even matter. All my work was for not. The sound is messed up too, it seems that the hardware labels it as one chip and in actuality it is a different chip and nothing works right. You pretty much just have to run windows and get your drivers from Gateway's site if you want to run this laptop. Speaking of which, I have a cheap laptop for sale if anyone's interested.
  4. rtomek

    gateway mx3215 broadcom driver

    this is a 4318 chip. I have the same laptop, the broadcom enabler does nothing. lspci can find it but the OS never finds it.
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    lol this thread is 2 years old. It should be on every install cd
  6. newbmac, I agree. I hopped in here because it was third from the top and was wondering what the heck people are still doing leaving comments here. Then I say your comment and sig and thought now that iPC 10.5.6 is out everything else (well except retail DVD install) is pretty much obsolete...
  7. I agree with everyone that having to stop it in 2 seconds to hit '81' is annoying. You don't have much time otherwise it will go in a loop. I'm trying to do this as seamlessly as possible for my wife, and I might as well just have her keep tapping F12 at boot to choose which HD to boot from rather than worrying about the '81' thing. It just turns it into an extra step that makes the boot process take a lot longer, there needs to be some kind of advanced setting for this.
  8. rtomek

    How much do you trust your hackintosh?

    I trust it 100%. If it crashes or something, I just delete everything except /Users and re-install and I'm good to go. Takes less than an hour.
  9. I don't consider Pedraza a thief, I am also on his side too. When Apple is using $1000 of hardware and giving you a $1000 fee for it to be apple-labeled ($2000 computer), it is quite ridiculous. Apple is just looking at profit margins, and nothing else, and realizing that selling OSX alone is not how they make money in the computing industry. Apple doesn't have to do any work, the can still only provide drivers for their hardware. Also, @iSkylla, why wouldn't you consider a company that built computers and sold them with the Linux OS thieves if they are stealing many developers' work?
  10. I upgraded to 4GB and would have never thought that it was the memory remap feature causing all of my problems! Thanks for the help, VMWare fusion works great again. edit: My motherboard finds 3200MB of RAM now instead of the full 4GB, but OSX finds it. The other computer, the BIOS only finds 1GB of RAM but OSX finds the full 2GB. I guess that the memory remap feature needs to be turned off for all hackintoshes.
  11. Thanks M16, a store around here had your mobo on clearance special so I picked it up
  12. So the computer I built for my girlfriend is having internet issues. She can usually use mine, but it would be nice to have the 2nd one working well, and I want to do it as cheaply as possible because I already have a quad core system that is the powerhouse of the two. What I have: Core2 Duo chip, video card, RAM, Drives, etc. and a mobo with a VIA chipset and a built in network interface that works, but is SLOW (I tried 10 different PCI network cards, but none of them work at all for some reason) What I need: A new, inexpensive ($50 and under) mobo with intel chipset, because I would prefer to be running a vanilla kernel. I have a lot of experience installing drivers and such so that's not a problem if everything doesn't work OOB, and an onboard intel video card might actually make things simpler. I have seen some ECS boards and such on the OSX86 wiki, but would like to hear from someone who has experience with an inexpensive board that everything does, in fact, work properly with the correct drivers. Thanks!
  13. rtomek

    10.5.3 Update Guide

    Don't bother. The AppleCPUPower kext will stall your system during the install if you are not running the terminal command to delete it (Learned this is 10.5.2). You can't possibly be running that terminal command since the Software updater forces you to be in the middle of a reboot cycle in order to update. Don't forget about the dsmos.kext issue as well You either have to install NVinject using pacifist with the method described earlier in this thread (page 3 or 4 I think) or use the Natit drivers. I switched to Natit and it worked great for me.
  14. rtomek

    10.5.3 Available as an update!

    aasimbeck01: a: use either terminal or finder, or etc. means your favorite file browser b: 'while sleep 1' is a command that waits a second, then performs what is after the semicolon every second. You should open terminal and run this script before you update. c: that means edit the file, and change that one line of the file. You do not use r3d3. d: make a backup copy of your applesmbios, applehda, whatever other drivers you feel are important and put them back where you got them in case they were overwritten. e: smth is something. If you didn't forget to do something it will boot. f: if you have a P4 processor you are not using the vanilla kernel, so you have to wait for a hacked kernel and cannot use this process.
  15. rtomek

    One Kernel to rule them all ?

    Depends on your motherboard/hardware. Different people have everything working with different kernels. The vanilla kernel is by far the best
  16. I originally used BrazilMac, but Kalyway made things so much easier, and I think his options are the best
  17. rtomek

    Demonoid Back Online!

    It has all of my old stats, this is great news!
  18. rtomek

    New 9.2.2 ToH kernel

    my ASRock system just goes through an endless reboot. I'm back to 9.2.0 now
  19. I left windows behind for Linux about 4 years ago. I now use my hackintosh and I love it, left Linux behind on my home computer for it. I still have Linux at work at least...
  20. Thanks for the notification! The update worked great with my vanilla kernel (now 9.2.2) but I will have to wait for my other machine
  21. So I updated to 10.5.2 using kalyways comboupdate, worked great. I decided to install the new kernel on my pentium D machine, worked not so great. It boots and everything but it killed my sleep functionality which I used to use a lot. I was wondering if there is a non-destructive way to get my old ToH 9.1.0 kernel back. I am well versed in Linux so the command line isn't a problem, I just want no data loss, if possible. I saw a topic on restoring an OS X kernel in some topic a while ago, but it just is not coming up when I search for it again. I think there was an easy way to do it that was just replacing a few files if I'm not mistaken.
  22. It's probably not finding your SATA controller. Are you using the CD that came with your computer? Most don't have the correct driver included
  23. I get that problem about 10% of the time on my Pentium D system, but after a reboot it works again so it's not a big deal
  24. rtomek

    [Random] 9999 Replies

    Here's another post
  25. rtomek

    theStevo 4.0 Patch for the 775Dual-VSTA

    I lost my ability to sleep once I did the 10.5.2 update. Anybody else have this problem?