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Problem with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard [ToH]-RC2 -9a581


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Hello everyone I'm new to this Forum and I don't speak English. :):) :censored2:

I have a problem with my computer.This is the list of components:


Hard disk maxtor 320 GB

Motherboard Asus P5VD2-X


Sony DVD RW AW-G170

N VIDEA GE FORCE 7600 GS with 256 mb DDR2

1 gb Ram


When I go to insert the DVD and arrival to the screen of choice of the hard disk installation this can't find the hard drive.


The Hard drive is empty and formatted in Fat 32

Please HELP me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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clik on go back..

use :


under there..


then....it will show your disk

find the partition or drive you want...

then...do the erase..and have it set as

Mac OS extend ( journal )

then do an erase...

and then..from then...

use dparded cd live

set it that partition or drive to BOOT..

that should help in your situation..

u should be able to install after...

you do the mac os extended ( journal )

it should see it now...

after intallation..

use dparted cd live...

to set as boot!

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well, this is not a new problem. it seems as if your hdd controller has a chipset, that´s not supportet by toh. i don´t know what kind of controller this board has, but you might want to give kalyways installation disk a chance. it has support for more controllers than toh has.

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