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Best Tablet? / Best Laptop?

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I was looking to buy a Tablet PC for school and I thought it would be nice to have an OSX Tablet. However, even a nice Laptop that works 100% with Leopard would be sweet! Then I could probably just hook up an external Tablet -- making it a much cheaper solution.


Anyways, so what are the best portable computer solutions that run Leopard 100%? Looking for something with at least:


2 Core Processor

15" or 17" screen

Working WiFi (or working WiFi solution)


100+ GB Hard Drive


USB & FireWire

Internal Audio Working

Headphone Audio Working


Bascially, I just want a newer, mid-range solution under $1000.


Much appreciation to anyone who can point me to some nice systems. Thanks!



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i just got done installing and testnig Kalyway 10.5.1 on TOSHIBA QOSMIO F-15AV201R. Everything works (sound, touchpad, keyboard and network) and i even have a 1024x768 resolution. only thing that didn't work is my built in wireless.


Qosmio F15

80G HD


Intel Centrino (Pentium M = SSe2)


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Hmm Sleep works?

What about Speed Step?

You get good battery life?

Is your tablet hot?

Most everything works with laptops.

Power Management and Sleep are the real problems, and unfortunately the 2 most important things that a Laptop needs that a Desktop doesn't.

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I'm looking for a laptop or tablet under $1000.


I see that the following are working possibilities:


Dell Inspiron 9400/e1705 (All Working)

Lenovo X60 Tablet (No Sleep/Wake)

Toshiba Qosmio F-15AV201R (No Wireless)

Toshiba Satellite M100 (No Wireless)

Dell Vostro 1700 (No Sound)

Dell XPS m1330 (No Sound)

Compaq Presario C712NR (No Wake)

HP Pavilion DV8000

Acer Aspire 9410-2028

HP 9000 Series

Dell Inspiron E1505

Sony Vaio VGN-FS730

Toshiba M200 Tablet

Acer Aspire 5024

Acer Aspire 5610z-2966

Dell XPS m1210

Asus Z71A

Asus A6Ja



Seems as though I might go with the Dell Inspiron 9400/e1705 -- can anyone else confirm if this is a good lappy? Thanks

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After a little more research I'm still undecided. I know there has to be one laptop out there that works almost 100%.


Ok, so I have been reading a lot about WiFi not working in most laptops, but some people are able to switch out their WiFi card for another one that works -- such as the "Dell 1390 Mini WiFi Card"


What is the deal with this? Can this be done to almost any laptop -- or are there certain restrictions?

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Be Advised most of the people that say everything is working, don't test the nitty grit power management. Getting the Battery Indicator is not power management. Getting your CPU to throttle is. There is a clear distinction., that not too many people understand. Without it, your Tablet still gets very hot as if you were running prime95 the whole time and has poor battery life. With it, you get much closer battery life to what you would get on XP and probably on par with Vista. MOST Laptops don't have working power management due to a simple reason. Apple's ACPI is different and OS X relies on a standard ACPI that is different from most other manufacturers.


As for the Wifi, most laptops use a mini-pci or mini-pcie slot for the wifi cards. These are basically industry standards down to the antenna connectors. Now the problems comes up in that certain manufacturers use bios whitelists to only allow wifi cards sold by them to work without a bios conflict on boot.

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So far I have found that the best and most compatible hardware are:


HP 9000 Series

Toshiba R/X/T 60/61 Series

Dell Inspiron E1705


Anything else out there?






Thanks for the info on WiFi cards. I see you have a Lenovo X60 Tablet. How functional is it? I have read mixed reviews on similar Toshiba systems such as the x60 and x61, t60 and t61, r60 and r61. Do you know anything about these configurations? The reviews I have been reading are from OLD sources when booting the vanilla kernel wasn't an option. I would like to know how adding Leopard and PC_EFI to the mix changes things. Also, do you know if there is a major hardware difference from your x60 Tablet and the x60 Laptop? (Aside from the obvious pen touch support...)



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My X60 Tablet completely works sans Speed Step and Sleep.

Most of those configurations should be fine, since both Apple and Lenovo use pretty standard configurations. For the most part, there are slight differences that could drive you nuts in figuring out why it isn't working, most things should work.

X60 and X60 Tablet don't have many a difference besides .... the tablet functionality, although this leads to a bigger physical difference due to size constraints.

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Thanks for all the input, but after research I found that the Dell Inspiron E1705 is a cheap, nearly-fully-working laptop for OSx86. If I need tablet functionality I will buy one of those USB Wacom Tablets. I found the Dell Inspiron E1705 on eBay for $699 Shipped! It is used, but in almost perfect condition and the system is one of the higher-end ones too...


Dell Inspiron E1705 / 9400


Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor T7200 (4MB Cache/2.00GHz/667MHz FSB)

17" UltraSharp™ WideScreen LCD UXGA Display w/ TrueLife™ (1920x1200)

Memory: 2GB Shared Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM @ 533MHz

Video Card: 256MB NVIDIA® GeForce™ Go 7900 GS

Genuine Microsoft Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005

Hard Drive: 120GB 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive

Network Card: Integrated 10/100 Network Card & Modem

8x CD/DVD Burner (DVD+/-RW) w/ Double-Layer DVD+R

Wireless Networking Card: Dell Wireless 1390b/g (54Mbps)

53 WHr 6-Cell Lithium Ion Primary Battery

Sound Options: Integrated Audio


Pretty decent, huh? ;)


I'll post back with an update on how everything works out for me... Maybe I will inspire someone else to go out and take advantage of such a cheap OSx86Book Pro!

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