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iPod Wizard....And firmware.....Changing my background and layout....


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Okay, I have been trying to get this to work with iPod wizard, but every time I tell it to write to iPod it tells to stop all programs that have the iPod involved, and I did that, but it still tells me that I can't write it to my iPod.


Now the only thing that I can think of that might be causing me problems, is that I downloaded the version for 5.5g iPods....because I was told mine was a 5.5 because I had the search function.....


Please, if anyone has any suggestions as to what maybe wrong I would appriciate it soooo much!





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Alright, I do this all the time on my iPod. I know exactly what to do. Here's a step-by-step.

1. End iPodService process

2. End iTunesHelper process

3. Connect iPod and wait til it's recognized

4. Run (as admin in Vista) iPodWizard

5. Wait til that's recognized

6. Click the pull-down for Firmware File

7. Click button Open Firmware

8. Find it

9. Load it

10. Hit Write To iPod and back away from the computer

11. BACK AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER (Just had to emphasize that part so you don't touch the mouse or keyboard)

12. Press the button Eject iPod within iPodWizard but leave your iPod alone

13. Wait til your iPod restarts

14. When you see the boot screen, you can unplug it

15. There you go, iPod Touch


I have Disk Mode enabled on mine so that might be why it's worked for me. Maybe you were just doing it wrong. I know I was the first couple times I tried it.


On a side note, the iPod Touch one isn't that great. More than half the time the Artwork doesn't load up. Though when it does, it looks awesome. I'm waiting for v2 of it. My personal favorite is the Classic v2 or the Large Album Art (currently using) from Driven.

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