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Macbook with Battery Charging issue... worth buying?


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Hey Guys,


Big noob here, I looked around the net for a mac forum to join and this seemed to be the best one. Ok here's the deal:

I've got a Powerbook and am looking to upgrade to a MacBook Pro. I found this listing on Craigslist today:

"I purchased this Macbook in the fall of 2006 as a new teacher. Since then, I have realized that I am just not a "Mac" person. I have only used it to keep grades for my class and ocassionally check my email while at school. Other than that it really hasn't been used much. I paid over $2000.00 for it after tax and everything when I purchased it from the Apple Store online. It has:

Processor: 2 GHz intel Core Duo

Memory: 1GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM


Built in Camera

Microsoft Office

iPhoto, iTunes (with burner), iMovie HD, iDVD, garage band, Photo Booth....and more!


The only thing wrong with it is that I think it needs a new battery. It works only when it is plugged in. If you are interested, I am willing to take it to a tech and make sure nothing else is wrong with it before you purchase it. I would like to get the $1200 for it, but I am willing to negotiate.


Please email me if you are interested!"



Now...I've had that same problem with my powerbook before...I had to send it to applecare and was without a computer for weeks which really sucked. They ended up installing a new motherboard. But after looking around other posts here I saw one that said a simple Pram Zapping or SMC resetting would do that trick.


There's a huge gamble there because If it isn't under applecare and isn't an easy fix It would be SOL right? Does anybody know how much it would cost to get this problem fixed when you don't have applecare?


Thank you so much in advance for helping out the noob.

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Hmm yea that's what I figured... they are asking only $1200 negotiable which is a great deal for that computer BUT like you said if I need the logic board it would be pointless to buy without Applecare because I could just buy a brand new on that works for almost the same price

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