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The Dell Crystal Monitor.

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Just in time for the 2008 CES. The new Dell Crystal 22" Widescreen Flat panel monitor.

Viewable Image Size

22” widescreen

Preset Display Area

473.76mm (horizontal), 296.1mm (vertical)18.65” (horizontal), 11.66” (vertical)

Optimal Resolution

Pixel Pitch




Color Gamut

98%²(TrueColor Technology)

Dynamic Contrast Ratio


Viewing Angle

160° (vertical), 160°(horizontal)

Response Time

2ms grey to grey


I personally don't really care for it, it costs too much, the speakers look horrendous and the tripod makes it look like it would get up in the middle of the night and crawl around (like a spider of course).


Price: $1,199

Here's the link:

Dell Crystal 22-inch Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor

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How much for that, and where can I buy it?!


(I'm sold!)

Alienware on the other hand caters to those gamers that have wads of cash to blow. We didn't have pricing on the curved display, but let's just say we don't expect it to come cheap. $3000, $4000, more, less? Well, "less" is probably not correct, but the others all seem feasible. Native resolution is 2880x900 (twice that of your standard 19" widescreen displays), and the color and image quality is very good. Somewhat surprising to us is that the display does not use LCD technology, so it's actually quite a bit deeper than you might think looking at the above image. The display shell extends back around a foot. So how exactly do you project a 2880x900 image onto an approximately three foot wide curved display without getting massive distortion at the outer portion of the display? If you're thinking CRT technology, don't feel bad - that was our initial guess as we were looking at the display. In fact, Alienware is using DLP technology with three separate DLP chips to project a clear, distortion-free image
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