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Stacks for 1.1.2 firmware now available!


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<Numberzz emulation>


While looking through installer.app's recent development source, I noticed Stacks was listed in there.


I installed it and tried to get it running to how I wanted, but for some reason, it was being very fickle. The installation places a new icon for configuring stacks on your home screen, and you must activate the app through this, and reboot the device. You have two view options, just like on Mac OS X Leopard: Fan (straight or curved), and grid. There is also an option to edit what is contained in the stack, but I could not get this to work. Pressing that option only highlights it and provides no options to edit.


Also, the stacks icon sits in the dock, as before, but seems to overlay when switching into an app before finally disappearing off the screen.


Overall, I did not enjoy this version of Stacks for iPod touch and iPhone. Maybe some of you can figure it out, but I am too lazy. If any of you do, please post an update, I would really like to enjoy this myself, as I don't really like pagination...


</Numberzz emulation>

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