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Anything special about G.Skill RAM?

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I've been browsing newegg wish lists to help me decide on parts for my hackintosh and I've been noticing a lot of people have been choosing G.SKILL for ram. Is there higher compatibility or anything with it, besides the low price?


I was going to go with corsair ram, but for half the price I might as well get the g.skill.


Link to G.SKILL



I mean $89.99 for 4GB (2x2GB) that’s a steal in my opinion (unless it craps out or something). I could get 16gb instead of 8gb for the same price I was planning on.


(what i had planned)


*EDIT* Looks like they just released a $40 mail in rebate bringing it to the same price as the G.SKILL :)

Any recommendations?

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G.Skill RAM is pretty well respected in the overclocking world. I haven't really kept up with what chips they're using these days, but you can be rest assured they'll probably be at least as good as those the much more expensive manufacturers like Corsair, OCZ, etc are using...

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