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iPhone 1.1.1. Easy Ringtones & SMStones


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iPhone 1.1.1. Easy Ringtones & SMStones (Patch the MeCCA)


UPDATE : Download link here


I cannot be held responsible if you damage your iphones in any way. I tried it and it worked for me and i have iPhone version 1.1.1. It may not work for you if you have other iPhone versions.


The only solution until now for iPhone version 1.1.1 was Sendsong, but when you sync it deletes the playlist and then you must re-build/re-make/re-do to have your ringtone. But there are more difficult ways, to make a playlist everytime.. but now there is the best way "Patch the MeCCA"!!


Zip Contents :

howto.txt - This how to text

MeCCA.zip - Zipped binary of the patched version of MeCCA file

Switch_win_setup.exe - Self Installer Package of Switch Audio Converter program

Switch_mac.zip - Mac OSX Zipped Package Installer (.pkg.dmg) of Switch Audio Converter program


Step 1. Patch the MeCCA


* Inside this torrent you'll find "MeCCA.zip" that if you unzip it you'll find a file named "MeCCA"

* You must put copy this file, using scp, to the folder


replacing the old one, BUT do a backup first you never know!

* Reboot your darn iPhone for it to work....


Step 2. Create your own Ringtones


* From iTunes or by using the software Switch, convert your audio files to AAC format (.m4a)

* Then rename them to "ringtone_name<space>.m4r"

---CAUTION--- There must be a space before the extension .m4r

For example: A ringtone called MyRing.m4a must be renamed to MyRing .m4r

* Then put (scp it) your new ringtone to the folder


it will be instantly be displayed at the list with the Ringtones, Settings->Sounds->Ringtones.


Step 3. Create your own Message Tones (yes it works)


* Find your song, better to be a part of it cause when converted to AIFF it's gonna be huge and you don't want your iPhone to hung-up everytime you receive a message (sms)

* Use Switch Audio Converter and convert your sound clip to AIFF format.

* Rename your sound clip that now is with .aif extension to be with .caf extension e.g. sms-sound.aif becomes sms-sound.caf

(Now i tried it and it works be replacing one of your own (default) sms sounds inside the iPhone.)

* Rename your sms-sound.caf file to sms-receive4.caf and you are going to copy it to the folder


and replacing the old one (but make a backup first, maybe you like the Horn sound, blah!)

* Now go to your iPhone Settings -> New Text Message -> Horn.

The Horn is gonna sound your own sms tone!!


Have fun.. ;-)


Greek Mac/iPhone Scene

Bloodiator/Macopoulos - macopoulos@gmail.com

ThrilOSX - thrilosx@gmail.com




p.s. i'd like some feedback!


p.s.2. I don't know if i must give a link for the file here so, i'm asking the mods.. is it ok? if not PM me for the dld link

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Yes i know, i've used it but.. there is no other easy way to do it if you don't want to use garageband or you don't own a mac..! :D


This is the best way i've managed to find on the net plus it's kinda easy! :D

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So the best way to workaround ringtones on 1.1.1 phones is MeCCA.. and it's easy..


If you have a Mac you can use iPhoneDrive with your iPhone plugged to the USB and slip the ringtones inside

But if you are a Winblows user, use a wifi and scp or maybe upload'em and then download'em using wget directly to your iphone from the terminal up..


That's it.! :D


iBrickr rocks for m$ users of 1.0.2 ..

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