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Edit: I'm sorry, It's just a mockup. I don't have much coding experience & no iPhone coding experience. I didn't mean to get people's hopes up


So, I got this idea in the middle of my Statistics class today. A slimmed-down version of Microsoft Office (just Word, Excel & PowerPoint) for the iPhone/ iPod Touch. The pictures speak for themselves in terms of what features I thought fit well with the iPhone/ iTouch GUI & setup. The pictures were easy to make, the video was a bit hard to pull off (required replacing Default.png & Icon.png from an app & using my built-in iSight to record it, hence the weirdness of it). But, overall, I think it came out pretty good. :)











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http://code.google.com/p/ioffice/ :D




It's just an idea at this point. No actual code is there. Just some mock up & some filetype tests I did. If people are interested in joining the project, just send me a message there.




No code exists on the site yet. It is just an idea. Please do not assume that it is an actual app yet

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