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Sleep/Wake/Shutdown/Restart problems


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Hi folks,


I would like to start a thread specifically about sleep/wake/shutdown/restart issues.


I think there are a lot of people out there who basically have their system working except for

sleep/wake/shutdown/restart problems.


There are probably also some people who have had these problems and somehow fixed them to make

their system sleep/shutdown properly. If these people could list their motherboard and what

actions they took to fix the problem it would help a lot of other people out who are suffering

from the same issues.


To start the ball rolling I will list my system and the issues it has:


Gigabyte P35-DQ6 (everything working, used "889a" kext for sound)

Intel E6550 2.33 C2Duo (working)

2GB RAM (working)

Radeon 3870 (CI/QE working using the netkas pkg)

Samsung SpinPoint SATA drives (working, partitioned as GUID)



I have installed the kalyway DVD using:

* vanilla kernel

* ACPI fix



I am having the following issues:

Restart: Working.

Shutdown: NOT WORKING - Case power light and fans stay on, screen goes blank.

Sleep: Looks like it works (lights go off, machine goes quiet, screen goes blank).

Wake: NOT WORKING - Case power light and fans come on, screen stays blank, system unresponsive.


If I find any solutions to these problems I will update this entry. Meanwhile please add your own

experiences so that we can hopefully get these problems sorted.


So far I have tried:


* Unplugging USB keyboard & mouse - no effect.

* Disabling EIST in BIOS - no effect.

* Disabling 2nd SATA controller - no effect.





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I am having the same issues as yours. I am using Abit IP35Pro and E2140 CPU.

nvidia 7800GT.


I suspect that sleep/wake would only work if we get proper EFI-GFX String. I'd try using 7600GT string and it works correctly but still it can't wake.

and now I am using nvinject. Wake is still not possible.

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