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  1. Any updates? I am also interested in getting the stock wifi card to work. Seems no one succeed before.
  2. is this ar9280 in any way better than Dell 1510? Thanks.
  3. Did you use your original wifi /w bluetooth card in the full height slot? I wonder if there is a card which has bluetooth and Wifi together which work with SL.
  4. did you try Alter EFI v1.4?
  5. mcdull

    Reverting back to XP NEED HELP URGENT

    how come you "burn" XP into usb? anyway XP doesnt support USB to boot natively.
  6. mcdull

    Problems with my 311

    means your cpu patch doesnt work correctly. use this one "BootCD-altPS2.iso"
  7. mcdull

    HP Mini 110-1025DX Ethernet working

    did you get the wireless working as well?
  8. mcdull

    Broadcom 4315 Fixed

    since I do not have a working wifi yet. I installed both patch with my hp mini 311 (which has exactly the same wifi card). And it remains all the same. I hope there is a real fix for this card as it is the best compatible one if it is supported.