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Some users have a 0 post count,

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When browsing around the site, I happened to notice some posts by users that reported that they had ZERO posts! now how is that possible if I was looking at something they posted? Here are their usernames and the page they posted on.

-Hackintosh Dream - His Post

-Upierre - he has FOUR posts there and he reads ZERO

-wolfDVD - Here's his post

-Kahless720 - His post

-McCrum - His post

-gunstothesky777 - His post

-cam001001 - Here's his


That's all i've found for now, but there are probaly more. Does anyone know why this is happening? Wait, could it be because it's in the invite excange, and you don't get post count credit there? or something else? I'm just tryin to help the site, not nessacarily stick up for the noobs. :D

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okay that makes sense, so that users can increase their count by posting in certain areas, and by consequencs, some newbies remain with a zero post count. I feel stupid now... :poster_oops:

I wouldn't have thought of this immediately either.


Is there any forum in which you post count decreases after posting? :P

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