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cpu fans running at full speed.

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Hi all just got 10.4.11 running pretty good on my dual xeon 3.0ghz 533mhz box

as soon as OSX starts to boot up my fans kick in to full speed, gets a bit too loud for my taste...

they run idle in OSX at around 5%-10%, but i think they are running 2C-5C degrees hotter then they do on windows (i cant measure the temperature in OSX so i look in the hardware monitor upon restart from both OSX and xp) typically between 45C-52C

my fans run quite on windows, but as mentioned above, they really speed up as soon as OSX starts to load up... is OSX throttling my cpus to full power be default? or do you think the temp change is enough to trip them to full power? (temp being around 52C max) any way to quite them down via OSX??? (if my cpus arent actually heating up that is)


im going to swap my coolers to a more passive/silent setup soon, but in till then any ideas on how to safely quite down the fans if possible?


thanks in advance

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For me all of the fan settings are in the BIOS, you might want to try looking there. Also, what is the remote temperature? You are reporting the internal temperature of the chip, but the fans are based on an external thermometer for the motherboard that measures the chip's temperature and that may be lower than what the core is reporting.


I have my target temp set to 50C but my fans barely ever turn on so I don't know about your situation.

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