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Intel S975XBX2 BIOS Problem

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While I do not know if I am posting it in the right place, I do know that I InsanelyMac made my life a lot easier, helping me go the hack way... I nearly spent my money on a MB Pro...I later just upgraded my mobo and proccy..!



My problem is this:


Have an S975XBX2. In the BIOS, latest update, as well as the past 3 updates, as well as the original first version available on the site, I am not able to change the processor speeds in the BIOS.


Any, and all, S975XBX2 users, please help out!   -_-

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Nobody? :blink:

Did you disable "watchdog" feature? You need to put reset cmos jumper on (or whatever it's called), boot the machine, go into bios, disable watchdog feature, shutdown, unplug cord from power supply for 10 seconds. Move jumper back to original position, plug cord back in, boot and go into bios...watchdog has now been disabled. Happy oc'ing.



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Oh ... Well I see that Watchdog was enabled, and even after successfully disabling it I am not able to change the processor timings? Memory timings I am able to change successfully, but unable to verify if they have been actually changed or not.


I shut down, remove all cords, put the jumper in recovery mode, set watchdog off, turn off again, remove cables again, put jumper back to proper position, reboot, same old story ... I seriously remember being able to change the processor timings when the board was new and I hadn't flashed it...


Is there a software like Sisoft Sandra for Mac where I may verify the memory clocks? And..any help on the bios issue is much appreciated!!

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I have been attempting to get efi8 on my badaxe2 literally all day. :) I currently have brazilmac leopard installed on my wd raptor using weaksauce12's guide. I have been following this guide to the letter as far as I can tell but everytime I go to boot into the 500gb wd drive I'm attempting this on I get nothing but a blinking cursor.


Below are the EXACT steps I'm using to accomplish this (tried this both using the Tiger install on my 500gb external hard drive and my mbr leopard install):


grab the pack from the 'main' efi8 guid boot thread that has the link to your bx2 specific thread

copy EFI.sh to efi_7_guid_only.sh and efi_8.sh

edit both to contain the proper paths and disk values (disk1s2 just for reference)

partition drive to 1 guid hfs journaled named efi8

unmount the 500g drive (disk1)


unmount the 500g drive


(honestly can't recall if i unmount again or not.. i've done both ways)

fdisk -e the drive


f 2





reboot, hit f10, choose the 500gb drive and stare at the ugly blinking _


Where am I going wrong here? :P



4gb corsair xms-2

xfx 8800gtx


wd raptor

2x wd 500gb



Hey use google, theres lots of info on bad axe2 overclocking, I was successful after looking in the correct forums. This forum wouldnt be your best bet, just turn all of that junk near watchdog like C1E, and stuff, it should work then. People get into detail on other forums. You'll figure it out, trust me.

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