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  1. $35 each (including shipping...US only) -- I have about 12 x WD 1 TB Green Drives from a RAID6 arracy that I upgraded to 2TB drives recently. These are all in mint shape. Let me know how many you want and I can knock a few dollars off because I can combine shipping charges. $120 (including shippping...US only) -- Westinghouse LCD LN2410NM 24" 1920x1200 $150 (including shipping...US only) -- Intel Xeon Quad Core X3350 2.66 GHz, 12MB Cache (this is a Q9450 Core2Quad equivalent). Thanks, /mdg. PS. Happy to send pics but should be self-explanatory.
  2. Here's a great hackintosh base system, which I don't need anymore. I can also sell these separately if anyone is intersted. Below is a list with separate prices, and then package price (the "xx" items are not for sale individually but are part of the package). $65 Antec Sonata II case xx 500 Watt Power Supply $45 Gigabyt EP45-UD3LR $25 Intel E3300 + Intel CPU cooler $45 ATI Sapphire Toxic 3870 with Zalman VF900 cooler $45 4 GB RAM (G Skill DDR2 1066) $20 320 GB Boot Drive (Seagate) $35 (each) 3 x 1 TB (3 TB total) Western Digital Green Drives (great for RAID 5) xx DVD/CD-RW Drive xx MM Nexus quiete fan Very nice system for a either an entry level build, or server/data build, or video editing build. Many "how-to" guides everywhere for how to get this working with 10.6 Snow Leopard or 10.7 Lion. $350 + shipping (USPS Priority...should be no more than $20). PM me or e-mail me if you are interested. E-mail: beygelman at mac dot com
  3. Sorry Dannie, didn't think about saying this...it's 3.5" -- I'll update the description now.
  4. ##SOLD##

    $178 shipped (US Only) Zero dead pixels. Fantastic viewing angles (not like today's cheap TN monitors). Native 1920x1200 resolution (not like today's 24" that are only 1920x1080). Height adjusts, viewing angle adjusts, monitor rotates for portrait and landscape modes. Comes with DVI, VGA and Power cables. I paid $600 for this monitor a few years ago. I am selling it because my daughter wanted a glossy LCD with a built-in web cam (go figure)
  5. ##SOLD##

    $88 shipped (US only) This card is a beast! If you are tired of playing around getting graphics cards to work (I did very early in my OS X journey), or constantly upgrading your kexts, this is the way to go -- set ot and forget it Never had problems with it... Most importantly...this card is quiet! I am stickler for silence - unless you're 100% maxed out gaming for a long time, this card will be quieter than the rest of your system.
  6. ##SOLD##

    $28 shipped (US Only). Very nice router - industrial strength! It has has great distance/reception, especially in hard to reach places. Link to Buffalo AirStation WZR2-G300N Review
  7. ##SOLD##

    $28 shipped (US Only).
  8. ## SOLD ##

    $28 shipped (US Only).
  9. ##SOLD##

    $28 shipped (US Only)
  10. ##

    I used this on a motherboard with challenging sound - e.g. I couldn't get built in sound to work. I don't need it anymore. This is a fantastic external sound card. $28 shipped (US Only)
  11. So I rebooted my Windows share machine and voila...SMB sharing now works. I can mount the share. OK...funny after you give up and decide to do something that doesn't really make sense and it seems to work. Have no idea why it cured my problem but it did. Thanks, /mdg.
  12. Hi All, A fairly smooth upgrade from 10.6.1 to 10.6.3 - just changed the AppleHDA kext to get the sound (it didn't work initially after I ran software update). However, I now have the dreaded SMB mounting problem. I cannot mount any SMB shares...just give me an error. I can ping the computer an can remotely access the computer through Remote Desktop Sharing, but I cannot mount its shared drives. Any advice? Thanks, /mdg.
  13. Quick update... I realized that there are other (Windows) shares that I was able to connect to (set one up on another Windows PC) so it made me suspect something else was going. I went into the keychain and deleted all entries for the Windows share that I could not connect to...and voila! On the very next attempt to connect...it connected nearly instantly. Cheers. /mdg.
  14. I have this problem...I think I know why. I cloned a drive after I had it working...never checked/did diskutil permissions until today and got this error. I've read board after board, thread after thread, and am afraid to do something because it looks like if you do the wrong thing it's a nightmare to recover. So, has anyone here had this problem and can post here their exact fix - not theory but rather what you did to fix this? My last ditch effort here...thought I'd ask before I start the daunting task of reinstalling (including all my apps, music, movies, etc.) Can you post here if you know a reliable way to fix this problem? Thanks, /mdg.