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Best way to play win games on mac


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hallo can u tell me how can i play win games on mac i dont need it for me but my brother needit and since i install games on mac i cant delete crapy win xp :D

so i just read something about cider ? how that works and is it easy to convert games with that (couse i dont have legal games :angel: only emulated with alcohol120% or cracked)


and is it better to use some tool to emulate Windows ? im using crossover but i dint try to install game with it couse i think since games using directX then cant be runed on mac like that?


and b the way what is best way to run Windows/Win programs on mac??


plz help

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I agree with JSN1, bootcamp should be a lot faster (as it is running windows natively).


Crossover isn't too bad (for cs:s - as cider doesn't work for steam), but last time I tried it I only got 60fps running on 1024x768 on dxlevel 7 :) on windows xp I get 300fps on the stress test on 1280x1024 & dxlevel 90 :D


It depends on whether you can put up with booting into windows to run cs:s I guess. All I've done is setup a minimal XP install with just steam installed :P


For windows apps I am using Parallels and just switch thru desktops using hotkeys via virtue desktops :)


Also some games are ok on cider, I sometimes play Dawn OF War and Darwinia using cider, but ultimately it cannot compare to the performance of running them in windows as both cider and crossover are only custom versions of wine.

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Hey guys and gals !


I went out and bought BattleField 2142 to test on my kalaway 10.5.1 install. I can not play online. and single player has a ton of lag. Is Leopard the issue? Any Ideas on how to fix this.




System Specs

intel core 2 duo E6550 2.33ghz

Gigabyte P5W-DS3R

4 GIGS OF 667 DDR2


600 Watt psu

WesternDigital 320gig


Thermaltake V1 CPU Cooler



Mommy can one of those smart guys fix sleepmode so my hacintosh can be perfect?

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