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Help Please On ATI card


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Hi to all,


well i got a new rig its an intel 945G chip well every thing worked great then i got this cheap Sapphire card well ur right its Sapphire Radeon x1050 128MB w/ hypermem... i plugged in the card made a freshly formatted install on my hdd tried to install the drivers then after the installation is done my monitor just switched off saying "No Input Signal" so i reinstall OSX Leopard again with out the drivers it worked fine but QE is not supported pls help me i tried all the drivers i saw in this forum but no luck i googled it still no luck i even tried it on tiger 10.4.8 Jas still same prob.. thanks for the help in advanced


My System Specs:


Processor Intel P4 SSe2/SSe3 Supported 3.2gHz <-- working in all OSX i tried

Motherboard: Generic Intel 945G(the one with no box that is only wraped inside antistatic bag"

HDD: Seagate 300GB(IDE)

External HDD: Maxtor 1TB

Graphics Card: Sapphire Radeon x1050(ATI)


Device ID is: 5657 Tried with osx tiger 10.4.8 Jas and osx leopard Kalyway 10.5.1 no luck its like somtimes monitor switches off or i get a kernel panic



Ok i think no ones helping coz i did not said it clearer


My Card Specs is:

Sapphire Radeon x1050(ATI)

Device ID: 5657

On Windows Driver is: x550/x700 Ser...


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I have a similar problem, after the drivers for my ATI X 1600XT are loaded the primary output of the videocard stops working, so i have to change it to secondary output. Try it. The only problem is that the display is not being detected wich is a wide screen, so of all the resolutions i get there is no 16:10 one. Does anyone have a clue how to put a "wide" resolution in there, or make both outputs to work.


I didn't have this problem on JaS Tiger 10.4.8 until i've added another gigabyte of RAM (it's 2GB now) and the same thing happend there. Help pls :(

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try switchresX. With it you can set ANY custom resolution if you have some kind of resolution change available.

It made my life easier in tiger.

I have similar problems with my gfx card in leopard, but I never considered switching to other port.

Will have to try.

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MacJordan thanks it worked i was about to buy a new card then i tried the 2nd it worked, and Crawley thanks for the SW advice im going to try it later coz my screen looked like {censored} with this dell wide screen anyway i got this 2nd hand so myt as well use an sw than get a new 1


thank you everyone 4 helping me ;)

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well im not using the full program i just used the control panel of switchresX ;) but the thing is after a while my card does not work with osx86 again :D so i removed it and just used the built-in 950gma and planing to get an nvidia card soon, but while i was searching on the net i found 1 program that says it can enable QE & custom resolution and supports a wide range of cards but i forgot the name of the program i think its like totalcontrol or somthing similar name, well ill try to look for it and try it and give the news

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i have HIS radeon x1050 too..

i use patch from egwan (indonesia) use x550 driver..

when i'm restarting my pc..

the screen only show black desktop with a cursor of mouse..

my mouse works, but no display at all... just black..with cursor


maybe i should change to primary..DVI Connection

now i use secondary... hmm

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