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  1. [How To]Radeon X1600 (71c0-71c5) in SL 32/64Bit

    No luck here, is like i've never installed the generated kexts. And there are two more files with extention .bundle what do i have to do with them?
  2. [How To]Radeon X1600 (71c0-71c5) in SL 32/64Bit

    Too bad... i have the same id 71c0 on my card... i've managed to make it work in leopard but from the posts i'm thinking that it will not run on snow... maybe it's time for upgrades ... and i get kernel panic
  3. ATI X 1600XT 10.5.4 problem

    Hey people did you try extracting the kexsts from Apple's Leopard GraphicsUpdate v.1. I did this and placed them in the Extentions folder and I think it worked (and still working). For the resolution I use SwitchResX. And for placing the extentions I used osX86 Tools. P.S. you have to select the "drivers" for the video when you are installing Leopard Hope it works.
  4. ATI X 1600XT 10.5.4 problem

    I have an ATI X 1600XT video and it worked on 10.5.2 with ATInject but after installing some of the osX86 10.5.4 MAC OSs it stops the hardware acceleration. I try to make the Graphics Update v1 but it says that none of my drives meet the requirements?!? Is there any manual way to install the update. I use pacifist to extract the pakage and i manage to install only the kexts for the Extentions folder after that i get hardware acceleration and everything but what about the other components of the pakage... pls help 10x EDIT: Maybe I don't need the whole package. It runs great with the kexts only...
  5. I've updated my hacked iPod to v.2 but now I can't downgrade and jailbreak . Is there any solution for jailbreaking v.2 Now my iPod is useless! PLS HELP
  6. iDVD and HDD space problem

    I installed iDVD on my primary MAC OS partition which is not very big only 10GB. When I create a DVD with iDVD I can't burn it to a DVD because I get this error: iDVD needs 4.588 GB of disk space to encode the remaining assets, but only 1.505 GB is available at "Leopard". I have a 500GB external HDD, how can I make iDVD use this drive for its temporary stuff. Resizing my boot partition is a nightmare for me Thanks for the help. P.S. I tried to copy iDVD to another partition on the external drive but I get the same message. And I can't install iLife on a different partition than the boot one.
  7. How can I increase my Leopard partition size?

    Thanks for the idea luh3417, it worked! Just had to restore the darwin bootloader with iAtkos boot DVD...
  8. How can I increase my Leopard partition size?

    I tried and I got this: diskutil mergePartitions "Journaled HFS+" New disk0s2 disk0s3 Merging partitions into a new partition Start partition: disk0s2 Leopard Finish partition: disk0s3 disk0s3 error writing partition map: MediaKit reports partition (map) too small (-5341) Merging partitions encountered error MediaKit reports partition (map) too small (-5341) on disk disk0s2 Leopard. The erase will not occur. My partition is realy small only 7GB :censored2: PLS help. 10x
  9. n00b friendly way to jailbreak?

    I made it somehow, but i don't know if it's an easy thing to do. You'll have to do some stuff. I'll tell you anyway 1. So first downgrade to 1.1.1 by entering recovery mode in the ipod and restore it from a downloaded firmware form Apple's website. 2. Then use jailbrakeme dot com to hack it. 3. In the installer app run the octoprep /it's located in Tweaks 1.1.1./ 4. Update normally from iTunes to 1.1.2 /you can choos from which file to upgrade by holding Shift while pressing Update, same goes if you press Restore while holding it/ 5. After update you should still have installer app, choose from it System -> Official 1.1.3 Upgrader and wait... 6. At this poin your iPod should have 1.1.3 7. Add this source to the source list ipodtouchmaster.com/files/repo.xml 8. Find in installer iPhone 1.1.3 Applications and install "The iPhone 1.1.3 apps" and 1.1.3 Fix Mail 9. It's done! Try it
  10. I've managed to install iATKOS, it's excellent 10x to all responsible . But when they are many windows on my desktop the frame rate drops when I use expose, minimize and so on... It doesn't feel right. It's like i am running Leopard on an extremely slow machine Does anyone has a similar problem? My CPU is Pentium D 925 video ATI X 1600XT (i've chosen the X1600 package in the installation options) Quartz Extreme and Core Image are ok. All this was working perfect on 10.4.8 Thanks P.S. And once Leopard even hanged up and made me restart the system, i thought this will never happen...
  11. MAC OS 10.4.8 RAM problem

    Well I actually found a "solution"... I connect the display to the secondary output but there OS X 10.4.8 and above doesn't recognize my monitor which is a widescreen so there is no 16:10 resolution and I have to use non free software to add some... but anyway the hardware is: mobo ASUS P5PL2/c vid SAPPHIRE ATI X 1600XT 256MB DevID 0x71c0 (hmm strange Leopard says ATY Radeon...) Pentium D 925 RAM 4x512MB ADATA DDR2 800MHz I didn't have this problem until I added the 2x512MB of RAM, and then after the .kexts for the video card are loaded it goes blank. So if anyone has any idea pls help Happens both on Tiger 10.4.8 and Leopard 10.5 [ToH] and 10.5.1 iATKOS Thank you! P.S. Win XP, VISTA and Ubuntu don't have a problem at all with 1GB extra RAM
  12. Help Please On ATI card

    Glad it worked macrazy , but switchresX is a 10 day trial. What happens after that? But now it works great, thanks Crawley.
  13. Help Please On ATI card

    I have a similar problem, after the drivers for my ATI X 1600XT are loaded the primary output of the videocard stops working, so i have to change it to secondary output. Try it. The only problem is that the display is not being detected wich is a wide screen, so of all the resolutions i get there is no 16:10 one. Does anyone have a clue how to put a "wide" resolution in there, or make both outputs to work. I didn't have this problem on JaS Tiger 10.4.8 until i've added another gigabyte of RAM (it's 2GB now) and the same thing happend there. Help pls
  14. Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard [ToH] Kernel Panic

    Try to go to single user mode " -s ". Sorrt for the late reply, don't have much time recently. But lately i installed iATKOS 10.5.1 and it works allmost perfect.