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  1. PCI Configuration Begin

    I solved it by using ATY_init.kext. everything works like a charm now
  2. Help with Graphics Card Replacement - Kalyway 10.5.1

    install Chameleon, remove any of the enablers and use GraphicsEnabler=Yes at boot (put it in your com.apple.boot.plist for permanent effect).
  3. SleepEnabler for 10.6.7 x64 [UPDATED]

    works bloody awesome!!!
  4. EP41-UD3L with 10.6

    Can you please tell me the other extensions you used. I cannot get sleep to work, one way or another...
  5. possible to install on h55 chipset ?

    have you tried voodoohda for sound? as far as I know, integrated graphics on i3s is not supported...
  6. possible to install on h55 chipset ?

    dude, you're genius! any clue how it can be done?
  7. BootThink 2.3 is here now!

    Add add your extra kexts in /Darwin/System/LibrarySL/
  8. I am right now using BootThink to boot sl, leopard and win7 without single problem....
  9. Try boot think 2.3, it has separate locations for extra kexts for leo and sl. also boots windows and linux and has nice gui, too
  10. How long for SL distros?

    I think we're going offtopic here... I don't mind people using distros, but I like it vanilla Anyway, when I was first installing 10.4 there was no way i could have done it without Jas DVD. The difference is if people want to learn something or not. Choice is ours
  11. BootThink 2.3 is here now!

    Can someone reupload version 2.3 to rapidshare.com or mediafire? can't download from either of the sites specified in chinese forum ===EDIT=== nevermind, got it...
  12. Can someone upload to rapidshare.com or mediafire? can't download from rapidshare.de and chinese download is very slow... (2kb/s !)
  13. maybe I'm asking too much, but: any chance for x64 version?
  14. try this one, works for me. JMicronATA.kext.zip
  15. Any Success on an Asus P5B?

    everything works here on asus p5b except sleep and shutdown. didn't have any single problem with it. try connecting your hdd too another sata port, maybe it will work.