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should i buy a mini or g4? _first time buyer:)

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ok well im realy thinking of buying a mac...now i dont got a lot of money as iv got to buy my daughter a laptop at the same time... so i was thinking would a mini mac be ok for logic studio. will i get away using such a small system. iv also found a G4 what do you think of these specs.. is it worth buying?


Apple G4 Dual Tower with Apple Pro 21" Studio Display.


DUAL 500Mhz




1 X 120GB HD


A Tiger updated to 10.4.11


A DVDRW + AND - / CDRW Drive (reads and records both)


Iomega Zip 100 drive


Apple Keyboard & Apple pro mouse


Massive Pro 21" CRT Monitor .


now i can get that g4 for 200 pounds....


or should i get the mini mac, the only problem with that is it uses the crappy onboard gfx..gm900 thing... so is it the g4 for the mini what do you people think??? the mini mac is 400 pounds.

or should i build a good hackintosh that works and do hackintoshes work as good as real macs??

thanks for any help guys + girls

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Mini. CPU/Mem are the 2 main factors for Logic Studio, not GFX.

Hackintoshes are okay, if you have the time/knowledge. Otherwise stick with a genuine mac.

Integrated Graphics is fine for leopard unless you want to play games.

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