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dangerous issues concerning the shut off


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Finaly got leopard to boot without DVD:D anyways...


i know this has been mentioned before but i think it should have a fresh thread just to warn new comers, My laptop doesnt shut off properly ion leopord... after i click shut off the screen turns off but the power remains on...


This is happening to allot of people and i think it should be a big warning to laptop users... incase they think there machine is turned off and they put it in a bag to find out they have cooked it..


I havnt fixed this problem yet but i have read some posts about and people mention starting up with cpus=1 or cpus=2, this DOESNT work...or going into some file in library and making only 1 core (if you have a multi core cpu) which Doesnt always show up on everyones installation...


The only safe way to turn off your laptop is to hold the power button down for 5 seconds or whatever it may be on your laptop..


please dont fry your laptop! and be careful until theres a propper fix for this



Also I havnt been able to get a battery status bar to show up..which is a little frustrating as i wont know when the laptop will all of a sudden cut out... has anyone else fixed this problem?

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