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  1. guys I installed snow leopard using psystars rebel efi disc... (the only way i have managed to get snow leopard installed on my system thsi far...) but it sucks because its only the trial disc and i need to have the disc in the drive to load up there bootloader to get into the system.. So I just tried this chameleon rc3 (thanks for yoru effort btw) and the loader shows up and i can select snow leoaprd but after about 10 secs the spinning wheel stops and i get the restart my computer message... can anyone help me out please?
  2. Is my motherboard useless?

    ok when I try that i get at the top of the verbose stuff "Extension "com.apple.driver.appleapcpiplatform" has immediate depnedencies on both com.apple.kernel and com.aple.kpi components; use only one style appleacpicpu: Processorapicid=1 localapicid=0 (then it continues to do that ans then mentiones its loading security extension com.apple.nkeapplicationfirewall then tmsafetynet
  3. Is my motherboard useless?

    safe mode doesnt help still have the same issue and verbose mode doesnt seem to work like it did on my previous hackintoshes... its only filled half the screen with info that doesnt show any errors ok If i boot with cpus=1 it shows the loading circle but still wont get past that so darn it how can i overcome that problem... I found a modded bios that i think fixes that issue for my motherboard but i dont wonna risk a bad flash.... so is there some alternative route to getting past cpus=1
  4. I recently started building a budget system for windows 7 just to do some 3dsmax work on. In june i bought a macbook pro so I decided I no longer wanted to do the hackintosh stuff.. however soon as I got the PC up and running i eventually thought i must do hackintosh again! so I have attempted using ideneb 10.5.4 and ideneb 10.5.7 but Its been a long time since I did this stuff so i was a little confused at what to choose... however I have tried multiple choices and when the OS installs and restarts i just get stuck at the apple screen and there is no loading circle beneath it... no matter what I do this always happens.... so I was wondering is this motherboard the issue? ASRock G43Twins-FullHD (I got it for a bargain and chose it because of the ddr3)
  5. Ok so I have been building a budget system on the very very cheap. I got a asrock G34Twins HD board and I bought a cheap e1200 (1.6ghz) and have 2gb of ddr3 1600mhz ram (its underclocked to 1066 because of the board) Basicaly this has cost me abouts £80 which isnt bad at all... and I knew the e1200 was a great overclocking.. my problem is.. im not getting as great as people have been saying. I have managed to get the fsb to 350 x 8 giving me 2.8ghz.. so i tried to go further.. and the board wouldnt post... so I unplugged the power and then plugged it all back in and get back onto bios and tried to go back to 350fsb which was working great... For some reason I can no longer get the fsb to 350 if I attempt it the board wont post... but 349 works fine which is like 2.79ghz i really wanted to take this up to the 3ghz mark but I cant even get to the 2.8 anymore.. and I have no idea why...I tried upping the voltage to the cpu but it had no effect and I also attempted to do the same with the NB but still I cant get post if my fsb is set to 350 can anyone help me out?
  6. I'm a Uni game design student and I hope to one day grow my own buisness. I have been having a long thought about creating a game for the Iphone for a long time now.. I feel it would be a good starting point to accomplish creating a game for a great device. I recently have been looking at the work involved and have came to the conclusion that coding is going to be (obviously) a massive part in the development. I in no way have coding experience... I am simply an artist... I do 3D modeling in max, and can use photoshop and illustrator and a little flash too. The game would be a simple one obviously to start with so i dont think 3D will be a part of it... I have some ideas for fun "pick up and play" games, what I mean is games that you can simply just play anywhere like if you were waiting for a bus or what not... I'm not sure if im asking in the right place here but would anyone be interested in creating a development team for such a project? I'm really in the need for coders and even artists. At this point coders are my main concern... I hand on heart can say I have absolutely no knowledge in this area... I have a development team name I created a while back and have started getting a site and forum set up. (its at very very early stages so theres nothing much to show here...) but I thought once set up would be a nice "base" for the team to start to communicate and create! http://ggentertainment.co.nr/ and just so you know im not just some crazy guy who wants to do the impossible I have a deviantart account which shows you what I have been up to. http://ri0ku.deviantart.com/ Cheers for your time guys!
  7. I need help with a macbook pro decision

    Well i only will use windows for games and max thats it. I want to move onto leopard and especialy after seeing what will come with snow leopard. Iv made my decision I will be getting the Macbook Pro 15" 2.66ghz 4gb ram 320gb HDD 9400 + 9600m This is gonna be my 1st mac so I hope it pleases me
  8. I need help with a macbook pro decision

    well its mainly a portability thing... as I mentioned I travel on a bus to Uni each day it takes me 1 hour 30 mins to get there then also the same time to get back home.. so i spend 3 hours of travel time on a bus a day doing nothing really.. whereas with a decent machine I could sit and do some work.. and also use it while at uni. Its a tough decision... I mean of course the q6600 is always going to out perform the macbook pro but i think if the pro would manage to do all of the above at a reasonable level I would like to have it merely for its portability and performance.
  9. I need help with a macbook pro decision

    well 3ds max doesnt really need an extremely powerful gpu its more processor based, but for the gaming yeah I supose your right ... although the games I mentioned arnt that intense I dont really care for the likes of crysis and fear 2 etc. Hmm.. maybe I should attempt to see if I could get the pro with the 9600 in then?
  10. Ok I want to get a macbook pro I am extremely pleased i held out after the money event because the spec bumps etc are great and so are the prices (kind of) I have been given the option to buy a macbook pro... well my parents will go half with me on one if I give up my quad core PC to my dad (since his pc broke and hes in the need for a new one) the problem is... im a gamer.. I actualy do video game design/3D modelling at uni.. and I use 3D max allot... But... the macbook pro is a great thing for me as its very portable with the 7 hour battery life... (i travel 1 hour 30 mins to get to uni each day on a bus) I guess what im needing help with is... do you guys think its worth me giving up my quad core machine to obtain a macbook pro? I probably would have to get one of the 13inch versions... as money is tight at the moment.. you know with the whole economic meltdown.. I could push for the 2.53ghz version. So what you think? I really would like a macbook pro but would I be insane to give up my quad core pc to obtain one? Id also like to play games on the macbook pro.... I have a steam account with games like Unreal 3 hl2 team fortress 2 portal CSS etc I guess these should play on the 9400M alright? if anyone has tried could you let me know how they play (I have tried finding vids on them) Thanks guys! oh and the specs of the PC id have to give up are Q6600 2.4GHZ 4gb 800mhz Ram Asus P5N-E SLI motherboard 8600 GT 512mb 500GB HDD
  11. Wifi USB connection issue

    Ok... everytime I start up leopard to get internet access I have to disconnect the Wifi USB stick and then put it back in the port... for it to be picked up... I dont have to do this with any other devices... USB sticks show up when I boot if there already connected to the machine etc... anyone got any ideas on how to solve this?
  12. FS: iMac Core Duo

    That is a damn good deal... I wish I had money.... I'd snap this offer in a second... (wonna trade for a laptop? ... worth a try I guess...) good luck
  13. Can anyone help me out? I am having areal stressful time getting wifi performance to be normal in 10.5.5 (also had the problem in 10.5.4) 1st I was using the stock card that came in the netbook with drivers released from realtek... but performance on the net is terrible.. its just so slow that dial up is way faster... I have tried wifi in different locations and also different houses and still get the same slow peformance... So last thusday I bought a dell 1390 so it could be picked up as airport hopefuly giving me back some decent performance.. well I recieved it today and put it in and it was picked up alright.. but the performance was just as bad... can anyone please help me out? I have no idea what to do...is there a kext that can make my mini pci-e run faster? Btw both cards run fine in windows with decent performance Thanks for your time!
  14. I like the intel invisable CPU them things are fast!